Aloha, and welcome to the home of Kathleen Borealis. I lived for four years on the amazing Big Island of Hawaii, having moved from Alaska. I am originally from the Great Pacific Northwest, but love the experience of living in new and diverse places. In late 2015 I packed my bags and moved to SE Asia.  I am a geologist by education and trade and a strong believer that knowing more about the world around you deepens your connection with it.

I was drawn to Geology because of my love of the outdoors, and was sold when it gave me new eyes to see the world around me. I want to share this love and understanding with everyone!

I feel that the scientific community can feel distant and sometimes even hostile to the spiritual community and I aim to be a bridge between the two. There are no stupid questions, just gaps in understanding, and I want to help you fill those in!

The more I know about this amazing planet the more I am filled with AWE and WONDER! Come join me in learning about your environment and this amazing planet we are fortunate enough to call home!

~ Kathleen

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