Ok so I am going to mention the name of the yoga DVD I love, only because I have watched it so many times and love it, you are allowed to hate it… just sayin’ I like it

AM PM Yoga, its supper SUPPER beginner but as something for before school/after school
I really enjoy it. Its short easy and makes me feel like I have done something (yoga) and I can do it even when I don’t have a ton of time.
Also I am a college student, my brain is FULL of things I need to remember to do, things to read, and so on and so on… and this helps me shut my brain off and relax. There is also a meditation at the end of each and thats just about the only time I can manage to meditate 🙂 I am working on trying to meditate at other times.
Also there is an aurora tonight!!! Guess who is going to go see if I can get some PHOTOS!!!
Also I made a box! well I made it better, I am going to add it to the etsy shop (when I finish it!) But I wanted to get my own aurora photo for it!
life: my. thesis. is. a. zombie. it. is. going. to. eat. my. brain.
Thats all!
I am going to record this weekend and I have an AWESOME feed back email to read, thats right I got one! YAY! come on guys MORE EMAILS!!!! I WANT THEM!!!! Mwahahahahahahahaha!
Ok Kathleen out!
(Thesis is making me a little crazy….)