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Borealis Meditation S04E03 – Foundations

Foundations – “You don’t understand something until you have to teach someone else”

Welcome to something new. Unscripted Kathleen!

In this episode we cover some concepts I started going over with a friend of mine I am currently teaching. This is a very personal episode because it dives into my thinking. Please let me know what you think.

Get ready to welcome into your life:
Sparkle Body!
Conservation of Sparkle!

Photo: Kaimera Studio

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Podsafe Music included:
David Miles Huber – Oceanis
Podcast Troubadour – Science Nature Space 23

Borealis Meditation S04E03 Personal Calendars

Show Notes:

Hello Everyone! In this episode I talk about calendars, holidays, festivals and localizing you wheel of the year to where you live. This was a last minute change of topic so we can always revisit it later. I also have created a worksheet for you to use if you want to jump right in and work on customizing your wheel of the year.


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Hope everyone is surviving 2018 and if I don’t get anything else out before then happy Yule and New Year! Much love!

~ Kat

Borealis Meditation S04E02 Palu Earthquake and Tsunami

Well, we have our first event episode! This episode covers the earthquake and tsunami on September 28, 2018 that hit Palu Indonesia

Listen here:

I have lots and lots of additional information for this one.

Where: Sulawesi Island, 78km N of Palu city in Indonesia
When: Friday September 28, 2018 10:02 UTC
How Big: M 7.8
How Deep: 10.0 km depth

(figure from the second article listed)

USGS Event Page


Here is why earthquake magnitude is not what you think it is

Palu 2018 science and surprise behind the earthquake and tsunami

IRIS teachable moments slides

First hand account of the Ferry boat
Video from another boat

Video from the parking structure



animation of before and after satellite images of the area of liquefaction


(music used in this episode is podsafe and is Oceanis by David Miles Huber)

Borealis Meditation Podcast S04E01 – Forest Fires (and feed test)


I am testing that I got all the feeds set back up the right way, and I also wanted to have some content not just a “hey this thing on?” so this episode also has some info on fire ecology.

Please let me know if the podcast feeds are all back up and working (or if they aren’t) I am going to need to figure out how to add the feed to more places this weekend…..

Fire Ecology:

Good Fire/Bad Fire is the topic of this episode and I have some reading for you if you want to learn more!

More Reading:

I looked up some fire ecology people on Twitter if you wanted to follow along with science twitter:

Find me everywhere:

twitter: @katborealis

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Instagram: KatBorealis

Thank you for listening and all the love and support!

The Gaia Update for August 13 2014

The Gaia Update is a (almost) weekly short news podcast on what the earth has been up to. It focuses on the three big natural disaster types: Earthquakes, Volcanoes and Tsunamis, but also highlights other geology and earth science related news and research.

Information is from the following resources:


The USGS Earthquakes Page

Event Summary page for theM5.1 in Ecuador 

Reuters News Story Cited 


Pacific Tsunami Warning Center


To catch up on the worlds volcanoes check out the Smithsonian Weekly Volcano Activity Report

The Yellowstone Volcano Observatory Statement


Landslide in Switzerland 


Geology, Wine and Food USGS lecture

The Pterosaurs That Weren’t

Check out my NEW WEBSITE!

Intro and outro music is provided by music alley, and is exerpts from polyambs by  litvinov and nomerovskiy. Thank you Blessed Steno for watching over me while I work on this project!

Borealis Meditation Podcast S02E07 Kai Altair, EQ Islands, Steno and Crater Lake

Aloha! A new episode is now available for your listening pleasure!

Download via itunes or listen here

This episode we have a featured musician! PLEASE help support this amazing artist!

I met Kai Altair at Burning Man and when I got home downloaded ALL of her music!
Check out her Website
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Also check out her 

I told you I was going to post a lot of links!
Music: Mamma Ocean – Kai Altair

Pakistan Earthquake and Mud Volcano Island

Earth Observatory Photos and story (should be back up after the shutdown)

Blessed Nicolas Steno

Music: Shine – Kai Altair

Crater Lake: wiki 

Hoodoo: wiki

Music: Change – Kai Altair

I hope you enjoyed the episode!

you can…

Borealis Meditation Podcast – Season 2 Episode 6 – Islands

Borealis Meditation Podcast – Season 2 Episode 6 – Islands Show Notes! 

Listen here: 

or download

Before we get to the show notes I wanted to take a minute to show off my NEW LOGO!
I also wanted to thank Fire Lyte of Inciting a Riot Podcast fame for some font help! 😉
So please, enjoy!


Ok enough marveling at the new logo, and onto the notes!

Music in this episode (in order played):

The Landing by Tuatha Dea’s self titled album
Ailein Duinin by Tuatha Dea’s self titled album
Tonight by Tuatha Dea from their album Kith Kin
Visualization background: Into the Sea by 1000ps from their album Heavy Water
Intro excerpt: David Miles Huber – Oceanis
Outro excerpt : Science for Girls – Northern Lights

Tuatha Dea’s Kickstarter

Promo: Lamplighter Blues

Supplemental Material Islands

Figure 1: largest islands that are not continents

Figure: Hawaiian islands with bathymetry

Page on the formation of the Hawaiian Islands from UH 

Figure 3: Pillow Lava

Figure 4: Pile of pillow lavas.

Video of a lava flow under water, forming pillow lavas
Video of an undersea eruption with a little more umph. 

Figure 5: Aleutian Arc

Figure 6: Marianas Arc

Visualization – Sea Level Change

Figure 7: Sandbox example

Maui Nui (from Wikipedia) animation

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