If we are reincarnated, why don’t we remember our past lives? – my current thoughts (subject to change at any time with addition of new data)

Memories are data that are stored by connections in our brain, and memories are a LOT of data. So if we do have memories from a past life then that data has to be stored in the soul, and most if not all is lost with the loss of the physical connections of the physical brain. How’s that for mixing science and religion?

There actually has been a lot of scientific research into the soul in the past, and I think that the spark that makes us, well us and who we are has to be more then just the connections in our brain. I don’t think that if you mapped someone’s connections exactly to another brain you would get the same person.

As always, this belief is not set. None of mine are. As a scientist I am trained to be flexible, what is true now and fits the current data may prove to be wrong or close but not the whole truth according to the next new improved data set.

I can expand on this by looking up some of the old studies (I either heard it on TTBOOK or RadioLab).

I started listening to Ariel’s “A Witch’s Primer” since I have never had a very strong guided introduction to the craft. I figured now is a good time to revisit the basics and focus like I didn’t do 10 years ago. I got excited, jumped in and started thinking big thoughts and ignoring the work 😉 I also jumped between books a lot (I still do that) and never really finished reading any of them! Anyways the past memories came up, he was talking about traumatic experiences and loss of memory my wind went OH! Data! SOTRAGE! Physical! AH! *light bulb* This is generally how I form my current beliefs on anything, I get an idea and think about it for a bit. I just thought I would share this time!