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Borealis Meditation – Episode 8: Aurora, Pyrite, chalcopyrite, bornite, covellite and marcasite, volcanoes and earthquakes

Borealis Meditation Episode 8: Aurora, Pyrite, chalcopyrite, bornite, covellite and marcasite, volcanoes and earthquakes! Oh my what an action packed adventure!

Listen to the episode here

notes: Last episode of 2010!!! Enjoy the holidays! See you in January!
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Information used:
Stories: Asahi Aurora Classroom Auroral Legends
General info: Ashahi Aurora Classroom
recordings of radio waves: Stephen P. McGreevy’s ground-based ELF-VLF recordings


Volcano update:
17 November-23 November 2010

New Activity/Unrest:
Bulusan, Luzon
Kizimen, Eastern Kamchatka (Russia)
Merapi, Central Java (Indonesia)
Semeru, Eastern Java (Indonesia)
Shiveluch, Central Kamchatka (Russia)
Tengger Caldera, Eastern Java (Indonesia)
Tungurahua, Ecuador

Ongoing Activity:
Batur, Bali (Indonesia)
Dukono, Halmahera
Fuego, Guatemala
Gorely, Southern Kamchatka (Russia)
Karymsky, Eastern Kamchatka (Russia)
Kilauea, Hawaii (USA)
Kliuchevskoi, Central Kamchatka (Russia)
Krakatau, Indonesia
Rinjani, Lombok Island (Indonesia)
Sakura-jima, Kyushu
Santa María, Guatemala
Suwanose-jima, Ryukyu Islands (Japan)

earthquakes links:
Nov 3 – Nov 26
M 5-5.9
26 M 5
27 M 5.1
18 M 5.2
5 M 5.3
9 M 5.4
7 M 5.5
3 M 5.6
3 M 5.7
1 M 5.8
4 M 5.9
Total 103

1 M 6
2 M 6.1
1 M 6.5

Significant earthquake
Magnitude 5.3 – SERBIA
2010 November 03
Two people killed and several injured at Kraljevo

From the EQ stats page

Magnitude vs. Ground Motion and Energy

Magnitude Change
Ground Motion Change
Energy Change
10.0 times
about 32 times
3.2 times
about 5.5 times
2.0 times
about 3 times
1.3 times
about 1.4 times
This table shows that a magnitude 7.2 earthquake produces 10 times more ground motion than a magnitude 6.2 earthquake, but it releases about 32 times more energy. The energy release best indicates the destructive power of an earthquake. See: How much bigger is a magnitude 8.7 earthquake than a magnitude 5.8 earthquake?

HW: How much bigger? Calculator
Lets do three well known recent earthquakes
1. Haiti M7.0

2. The recent Indonesia one that produces a tsunami M7.8

3. Chile M8.8


aurora, life, and yoga

Ok so I am going to mention the name of the yoga DVD I love, only because I have watched it so many times and love it, you are allowed to hate it… just sayin’ I like it

AM PM Yoga, its supper SUPPER beginner but as something for before school/after school
I really enjoy it. Its short easy and makes me feel like I have done something (yoga) and I can do it even when I don’t have a ton of time.
Also I am a college student, my brain is FULL of things I need to remember to do, things to read, and so on and so on… and this helps me shut my brain off and relax. There is also a meditation at the end of each and thats just about the only time I can manage to meditate 🙂 I am working on trying to meditate at other times.
Also there is an aurora tonight!!! Guess who is going to go see if I can get some PHOTOS!!!
Also I made a box! well I made it better, I am going to add it to the etsy shop (when I finish it!) But I wanted to get my own aurora photo for it!
life: my. thesis. is. a. zombie. it. is. going. to. eat. my. brain.
Thats all!
I am going to record this weekend and I have an AWESOME feed back email to read, thats right I got one! YAY! come on guys MORE EMAILS!!!! I WANT THEM!!!! Mwahahahahahahahaha!
Ok Kathleen out!
(Thesis is making me a little crazy….)

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