If you don’t already know I am currently located in SE Asia. Singapore to be exact. Have you seen our COVID numbers? They are pretty damn good. However, we are still wearing masks. My COVID reality is vastly different from the majority of pagan twitter/instagram. Here we are all wearing masks all the time. We have limited social gathering sizes even though we have zero community transmission most days. A lot of the reality of COVID life here is something that would not fly in the US for example. Sometimes honestly I have serious cognitive dissonance with the lack of freedoms I have here. However, I can see how it has worked in controlling an outbreak like COVID-19.

But about that #hashtag. I have been seeing more and more friends and online acquaintances sick and with friends and loved ones who are sick. This has been heartbreaking to watch. I have also watched in horror as the anti-mask/anti-science movement has grown. I started using this hashtag in December to try and spread a positive example. Even if everyone around you is being an IDIOT you are not alone in wearing a mask. Seeing everyone masked up has been so uplifting.

We have several different “myths” around the term “witches” in the west. One of them is that of the village healer or wise woman. So in channeling that, yes witches are those who care for their community so of course witches wear masks. The mask protects the wearing but actually it is more designed to protect everyone around you.

Wear a mask.
Protect yourself.
Protect others.
Show support to healthcare workers
Show our vulnerable community members you will protect them
Show our mourning and grieving community members you take it seriously

It is something so simple and really not that much of a hardship. Just wear a mask every single time you leave the house.

Also show your fabulous style with those amazing masks. Keep sharing them and keep tagging them and I will keep sharing them so we can show we have eachothers backs. This pandemic didn’t have to get so out of control but it did.

Take it seriously.
#WitchesWearMasks twitter/instagram