My original goal in creating the persona of Kathleen Borealis, and starting a podcast was to give back to the pagan community, by sharing my geology studies. I ended up as a geologist because I was pagan. I decided to call myself pagan because that was what I found in my world religions book that fit my (what I now know as) animist world view. I have always been a very curious person and that mixed with my love of the earth and outdoors led me right into a geology class room.

The idea was always to share geology and how I felt that it deepened my relationship with the earth with other pagans. It is the “how” that has always tripped me up. I am thinking about it again because of the weekend I had. I love that I have good friends who also happen to be work colleagues so work trips double as social trips. We had several visiting scientists last week, and one of them, a good friend of mine stayed over for the weekend. We spent the weekend talking about the state of science, and academia. Both of us had pretty altruistic motives for going into science as a career. Neither of us did it to make money, we did it for the science and to try and help people with our research. Both of us have been trying hard to ignore all the dysfunction around us and focus on why we do what we do.

So I think it is time to refocus on my original mission. I am going to try a few different things and see how it goes, but I do want to share the awesome world I have found myself in. I live in a spiritual and science world and it is rich and fascinating and magical.