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Rummikub tiles in a Cemetery!?

I am a curious person, I like to explore, and I like cemeteries. So when my friend was visiting last weekend we went and explored one of cemeteries near where I live. I actually hadn’t been in this one yet so it was an adventure for both of us! This one happens to be a Chinese cemetery in the endless stream of Japanese cemeteries. The gate is large and impressive, and access is down a small trail between two other properties.


At first glace the cemetery had the familiar sites of formal headstones, and piles of stones. However, after a few minutes of poking around we discovered that on several of the headstones there were Rummikib pieces cemented number side in.  A few of the tiles had fallen off and when we flipped them over we both recognized the game pieces. They were not on very grave, but some had more than one.



I have absolutely no idea why there are game pieces cemented number side in on some of the graves, but I am determined to find out. This weekend I plan on asking the owner of the store/museum next door to the cemetery to see if the owner knows anything.


On the way out we also stumbled upon this grave compound. Turned into an excellent weekend adventure complete with a mystery that needs solving!


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  1. Catriona McDonald

    I’m looking forward to the resolution of this mystery! Very interesting cultural practice.

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