I recorded an podcast but I’m out of storage for the month in my feed.

I have a first world problem. After coming home from work, and after a social engagement I rushed to write and record an episode covering the recent events this weekend. However, I can’t release it on the podcast feed because my storage limit doesn’t reset until the first of the month on Wednesday. It’s not like I am going to deprive you of background on the Ontake eruption that has killed ~ 30 hikers so I am trying something different. I am going to host the episode here on the website. Last night Doctor Hob tested the file and said it works (what a relief). So here is your episode!


Hikers fleeing from the eruption at Ontake Volcano

In this episode of the Gaia Update we go over a few volcanoes that were in the news this weekend and touch on the main physical difference between them. Ontake In Japan which erupted suddenly seemingly without warning killing ~ 30 hikers who were on the volcano, Mt St Helens which looms over Portland Oregon, and Kilauea whose lava flow is still slowly making its way towards the Hawaiian town of Pahoa.

The Gaia Update is a (almost) weekly short news podcast on what the earth has been up to. It focuses on the three big natural disaster types: Earthquakes, Volcanoes and Tsunamis, but also highlights other geology and earth science related news and research.

Information is from the following resources:


Smithsonian Weekly Volcano Activity Report

Mt St Helens:

Video with an interview from CVO talking about Mt St Helens

Volcano Monitoring in the US from i09


Ontake Volcano

Eruptions Blog Post on the Ontake Eruption

The Nature News article on the warning signs

i09 piece on the hikers on the volcano when it eruptedĀ 

Satellite Images from the Earth Observatory of the Ontake eruption

Thank you for putting up with the odd release format this week! Let me know if you have any questions!