The Gaia Update is a (almost) weekly short news podcast on what the earth has been up to. It focuses on the three big natural disaster types: Earthquakes, Volcanoes and Tsunamis, but also highlights other geology and earth science related news and research.

Information is from the following resources:


The USGS Earthquakes Page

Event Summary page for theM5.1 in Ecuador 

Reuters News Story Cited 


Pacific Tsunami Warning Center


To catch up on the worlds volcanoes check out the Smithsonian Weekly Volcano Activity Report

The Yellowstone Volcano Observatory Statement


Landslide in Switzerland 


Geology, Wine and Food USGS lecture

The Pterosaurs That Weren’t

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Intro and outro music is provided by music alley, and is exerpts from polyambs by  litvinov and nomerovskiy. Thank you Blessed Steno for watching over me while I work on this project!