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Happy New Year! 2014 January Giveaway!

Happy New Year everyone! I have something special for you for the January Giveaway!

Dates: 1/1/14 – 1/28/14 CLOSED

This was a rough year for a lot of people, myself included so lets kick this year off with a bang! For this month let me know what you want to hear in the podcast! What are you interested in? Is there a segment you want to hear? Maybe a topic or current event you want me to cover!?

Comment with your answer or email me with the subject line JANUARY GIVEAWAY

Last entry will be accepted on 1/28 winner accounted within 1-2 days and you have until 2/2/14 to email me your mailing address.


2014 Witches’ Companion Book by Llewellyn
Lucky Green Rice by Draconis Arcanum
Another Random Draw!

Please refer to giveaway rules:
#1: answer question
#2: answer between dates given
#3: check back to claim your prize
#4: pay attention to restrictions on shipping
#5: no bitching (have fun!)
#6: open to everyone (see #4) so feel free to share
#7: Reviews are good, review if you care inclined.
(more details on the RULES post)



  1. Joan N.

    Hello! I don't know if you've already covered something like this – I'm making my way through the archives – but my suggestion is this: as a scientist and pagan, is there ever a time where you feel a disconnect from religion due to being a scientist/having a strong interest in it?

    For example: I believe in the four 'classical' elements in a spiritual sense, but that's not something on the periodic table, if you catch my meaning.

    I guess I'm just curious about how others are able to balance both science and paganism. I sometimes struggle with it, and having another perspective outside my own head would be great! I don't know if that's a full show topic, but I'd definitely be interested in your thoughts about this. 🙂

    Thank you, and have a wonderful new year!

  2. Kathleen

    Wonderful Idea! 🙂 Love it!

  3. Kathleen

    Hey you won! 🙂 Email me your address!

  4. Joan N.

    Can do! Thank you very much! 🙂

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