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The gap between ideal daily practice and reality

Meditations on the Path of Knowledge

I think we all have an ideal daily practice that we all fall short of. For a long time I had the attitude that I had to always try for that ideal. Recently I gave up on that ideal and opted for “do-able”. Doing this has been very freeing and I no longer feel like a bad witch when I can’t do something. I am a bit of a perfectionist, and as a scientists I am trained to be complete and precise in my work, and I had to give that up in my spiritual practice (not easy!).

Ideal: My ideal is morning and evening meditation, morning and evening yoga, daily journaling and divination, and/or reading and studying. (I’m lucky to get out of bed without hitting the snooze button 4 times by the way….)

I talked with SilverShadow a while ago and he suggested starting working more with ancestors. I wrote a little bit about my Mom yesterday. She keeps what I consider our family ancestor alter. She has a table covered in photos of loved ones (from both her family and my Fathers family), and a mini dias de las muertas alter (its so freaking cute). We also have an ancestor hall (a hallway with more photos). I have a few photos but I am definitely going to need to get more for my family and I would also like to get some for my Husbands family. Even with these limited photos I started a very quick and easy (but still meaningful) daily practice.

Do-able every day: I have ancestor incense that I bought locally, and two containers I feel comfortable lighting tea lights and not having to sit and watch them. I light my candles and incense and say thank you for all the blessings in my life.

Simple, and fast. Some days I can manage more from my list but at least I can do my one simple thing. It is very freeing to find that simple act that I can do.

I would be interested to hear what you all do every day or what your ideal practice looks like!



  1. pombagiraspolly

    I tried the 'Daily Practice' thing that is written about in so many blogs and so many books, and actually discovered that for me, my practice dosn't look anything like what is written.. not even a little bit. what it generally looks like is me walking to work.. what i am doing listening to that inner-voice, opening up to the new day, noticing things as the season changes, and talking with the various spirits, land spirits, ancestors, and other assortment of ooglies..

    umm yeah.. i am going to write a post about it at some stage.. *grins* i am still unpacking and organising my house!!

  2. Kathleen

    I totally agree! When I was an undergrad I walked through an arboretum on the way to school and that was my daily practice, through the woods rain or shine. I really miss it. I can't walk to work anymore so I have had to come up with something else! A walk really is the perfect daily practice all in one! 🙂 The photos make the house look awesome by the way!

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