Before I even try to tackle all the amazing experiences let me first say… FOOD! I loved the food so much! I didn’t even know what Etouffee was before I went and now I think it is my favorite!
My salivating even looking at this photo!

Now let’s get serious and talk about the reason of my trip. I went for the Magical Media Meetup! This was my second meetup and it is always wonderful to meet people you know only online and find out they are just as awesome as you hoped. This year was organized by Cory from New World Witcheryand I got to meet Laine! Also in attendance was…
Gillian from Iron Powaqa Radio
Peter Paddon of the Crooked Path
Doc Hob from Lamplighter Blues 
Velma from Witchesbrewhaha
Franchesca and Dragon from Texan Heretics Podcast
What an awesome group of people! I really can’t stress enough now excited I was to hang out with everyone there. Let’s be honest, I don’t exactly have a huge (or any) pagan/craft/non-science social circle and haven’t in a while, and it was very nice to hang out with fellow pagans. I also can’t get away without talking about the swag bag can I? Don’t worry I am going to go through it. 
Swag bag and purchases.
The actual official meetup went very quickly. I wanted to thank Erzulie’s Authentic Voodoo for hosting us! Also they have an app (android & Iphone) and you should totally check it out. We also went to several metaphysical and voodoo shops. 
I am going to go through the items in the photo above from both the swag bag and that I picked up along the way. As a way to thank all those that contributed to the swag bags I am going to post each item with links to the sponsors. Please PLEASE check them out!
Javamancy Kit – Carnavalia/The Mystic Dream (Walnut Creek, CA) – Chas Bogan and Storm Faerywolf created a fun and clever play on geomantic divination with a Victorian flair. They hosted the Meetup last year.
Three Venezuelan Powers Holy Card Sets – Camino de Yara (Canary Islands, Spain) – The lovely Carolina Gonzalez shares a beautiful bit of South American folk magic with us. The Canary Islands by the way are VERY high on my must visit list! I have friends that have done field work there. 
Stay with ME Bath – The Curio & Candle Shop (Nashville, TN) – Ms. Melanie made these simply beautiful (and wonderfully scented) magical herbal baths.
I went on a Haunted History Tour that met at Rev. Zombie’s and I think I have to say it was by far my favorite shop I went into. Part of why I loved it so much was how much it reminded me of the original location for my favorite store ever Archie McPhee. There was stuff everywhere you looked, and all the signs were hand written and sometimes humerus. I purchased 3 I Ching coins, and a St Expedite charm. There is also a book put out by the tour company and I had so much fun I bought it. My tour guides name was Andrew and he is a white Indian (from India) and was a just phenomenal story teller!
Lucky Green Rice Sachets – Draconis Arcanum (Nashville, TN) – Rebecca sends you luck and good fortune. I also have a promo code, that I will be revealing in my next episode! 
 Handcrafted Conjure Condition Oils – Candlesmoke Chapel (Gainesville, FL) – The Magnusons (Sara & Joseph) are sharing some of their incredible and all-natural hoodoo oils. These guys are so damn awesome. BUY ALL THE THINGS! 🙂
2014 Witches’ Companion – Llewellyn Publications (Woodbury, MN) – This almanac/annual magical compendium has oodles of lunar dates, spells, and articles. I have thought about getting one of these books for years now and never have. I’ll let you know what I think about it!

Horsetamer CD – Julia Ecklar & Prometheus Music (Seattle, WA) – This lovely CD crosses Pagan, folk, and pop genres. From my hometown? I’m so excited to listen to this!

Traditions Download Card – Kellianna – A beautiful new record with an old soul! Features many fabulous duets, including Wendy Rule, and a number of great old songs with Kellianna’s gorgeous vocal updates. I am SO excited to listen to this and share some music with you all!
Enchantment – Pendraig Publishing (Sunland, CA) – Peter Paddon sent his latest excellent book, all about the use of physical movement and beguiling in witchcraft. 

Banshees, Werewolves, Vampires, & Other Creatures of the Night – Red Wheel/Weiser Books (San Francisco, CA) – Weiser supplied this Varla Ventura title all about the beasties of darkness.

The Candle & the Crossroads – Red Wheel/Weiser Books (San Francisco, CA) – Weiser also supplied this energetic look at Southern folk magic written by Orion Foxwood 

Fifty-four Devils Cartomancy Kit – New World Witchery (Nashville, TN) – Cory & Laine gave us his book on cartomancy, a fun deck of playing cards to try it out, and Laine’s hand-made card pouches to keep your fortune-telling deck safe!
This necklace caught my eye when I popped into the Lost and Found shop. It was full of work from local artisans and I was very happy we ended up there! 

I bought three saint charms at the Cathedral along with lightning candles for a few of my relatives that have passed. I bought St Joan of Arc (I have always loved her, and went to a church dedicated to her in France) I also got St Expedite and someone I need to look up St Bernadette. I looked for St Hildegard Von Bingen but I think I am going to need to find her’s online. 
Witches & Pagans Magazine  – BBI Media (Forest Grove, OR) – Anne Newkirk Niven & her team at BBI are providing us with the premier magazine in Paganism today.

Herbal Healing Salve – Rue & Hyssop/Three Brooms & a Cat (Okanagan Falls, BC) – Jen sent along these gorgeous hand-made herbal salves. 

Magical Miscellany Oil & Incense – Magical Miscellany (Omaha, NE) – The lovely Velma Nightshade has provided us with a sampling of her magical wares from her newly launched business venture, Magical Miscellany.

Mini-Altar Kits/Dowsing Rods – Franchesca (Austin, TX) – These super-cute little boxes contain a complete miniature altar set with candles, matches, incense, etc., plus a second box with little custom-made dowsing rods!

Scarlet’s Deck – Scarlet/Lakefront Pagan Voice (Milwaukee, WI) – Scarlet surprised us with copies of her own very special and highly limited-edition tarot deck! I am SO EXCITED TO USE THESE!!!!!

I got my tea leaves read at the Bottom of the Cup tea room. Believe it or not I have never had a professional psychic reading done, and I absolutely loved this place!
Well that is super long! If you made it all the way to the end congratulations! Now you know that I am going to be doing several giveaways! I had a busy year and wasn’t able to get organized enough to have some giveaways but I am determined to do several! I have items from this years swag bags, and last years, and from other places…. So stay tuned! I need to come up with something fun to do for them first and then I’ll post the details! 
Much love!
~ Kathleen