Yup. I have no idea. Did I do something interesting today? Nope. Just work, which is interesting to me but… not something I am going to write about here.

I did some brain storming and I decided to make some tea (because its a little chilly tonight). I guess I should start with what I am drinking tonight. I am drinking TWG tea chamomile. And I think I am going to tell you my tea reading.

In New Orleans I went to Bottom of the Cup Tea Room. This was my first ever reading for me by a stranger. We went back into the individual room and had a pleasant conversation getting everything set up. The steps listed on their website are

The method of use:

Place loose tea in cup.
Pour in ½ inch hot water
Turn cup upside down on napkin
Client turns cup all the way over once
Client places left hand on cup (tune into the individual’s vibrations)
Remove napkin
Turn cup three times counterclockwise
Read patterns formed by grounds in cup, beginning at the handle and moving left to right.

I had Lettie and we got along famously! I’m not sure about the turning but I placed my hands on the cup for a while while we just talked. I didn’t bring my camera in, or cell phone for that matter so I had nothing to take a picture of the reading but we talked about the shapes. She also gave me a prediction and did a three card spread. I would have read them a little different but with the same general meaning.

I think what made me feel like I wanted this to be my first reading experience was how comfortable the shop felt. I put a lot of weight on how comfortable I feel in a shop, and more than a few times that has kept me from buying things in other shops of all types.

I also got a CD for my reading which I am listening to now with my husband, which is totally fun. He is 100% atheist so I can’t wait to hear what he thinks! He smiled while listening to it and then said “well it was pretty vague…”

I see the bunny in the moon….
see!? Its the bunny! 
I found some charts and lists of symbols online and thought I would share these. There are lots of resources online and I haven’t tried reading my own yet but when I do I’ll let you know what works for me! 
How to read locations within the cup