I was a little (very) exhausted last night and so I didn’t really write anything. The dust is finally settling on my trip to New Orleans enough to have a reaction other than SO MUCH FUN!!!! which is generally how I have been feeling. I thought I would tell a story tonight with some pictures. 

When looking up addresses for the hotel, and the meetup and generating directions I noticed a road running down river. The plan was in my head before my brain had totally caught up. We were going to drive down that road as far as we could. I was going to trace the Mississippi as far down river as I could. From the glance at the map I wasn’t sure if there would even be anything down there, but its the Mississippi river delta! 
I want to go there!
So down we went. There was a lot going on down in Plaquemines Parish, a lot more than a glance at the map had suggested! We were pleasantly surprised! We stopped for lunch and had a po-boy at a road side eatery called Maw’s, and just kept going south. One of the things that really struck me was the tops of huge ships sailing by on the river that was hidden from view by the levees. 
Another thing that struck me was the stark differences in houses on different sides of the road. For most of the drive the poorer looking houses were between the highway and the river. There was also a mix of houses on stilts and not on stilts. There seemed to be a lot of contrasts. It was beautiful though. There were groves of fruit trees, and views of the water. It was overall a very beautiful drive. 
When we got towards the end of the road there was a contrast between industry and nature. There were plants down there, and stunning natural habitats. 
Fishing along the road
When we got to the end of the road there was a sign, as there usually is. We wandered around a bit and saw a gator! On our way back we stopped several times at places of interest we had seen on the way down. 
Look at that smile! 
There were several small cemeteries along the way, and we also stopped at Fort Jackson (which was closed) The following are just a few photos from those stops. 
An abandoned building

very small cemetery on the side of the road 

watching the ships at Fort Jackson

Fort Jackson

Another cemetery we stopped at
What an amazing adventure out of the city that turned out to be! I am so very glad we made the trip down into Plaquemines Parish! Don’t worry I will write about more of the trip too, I just really wanted to share some photos of our adventure. It was very eye opening and I am very happy we did it!