A Super Give Away!? Doesn’t that sound fun!? I am a giver, and I love to give presents. I really can’t resist. So after getting home I decided what I really wanted to do was give awesome things away. I am going to have to have a few rules, but nothing too harsh. 
I am aiming for 1 a month until my pile runs out! I will post the details for each ones and the dates and any restrictions. The following are the general rules.
Rule #1: There will always be a question or statement that needs to be answered to be qualified for the giveaway. They won’t be too hard, just wanted something other than “Oh Me!!!” to make it a little fun.
Rule #2: I will always post the qualifying dates. Answers must be submitted in the form a blog comment on the correct post between the two dates. 
Rule #3: You have to check back to see if you won, and you must either have a way for me to email you, or send me an email within the allotted (claim) time (announced for each one) to claim your prize. You must also send me your mailing address within that time. If the winner doesn’t respond a runner up will be chosen.
Rule #4: Shipping can suck when you live in the middle of the Pacific, because of the weight of some items I won’t be able to ship them internationally, if you are willing to pay the difference you are free to enter!
Rule #5: No bitching. This supposed to be fun. If you REALLY want something I can tell you where I got it and you can support the artist/craftsman yourself. I think my rules are designed in a way so we can keep doing this for a while so it’s fun for everyone! That is the point. HAVE FUN!
Rule #6: As long as you submit an answer you are qualified so feel free to share the giveaways with as many (or few) people as want!
Rule #7: Reviews are helpful (NPR told me), doesn’t matter what they say, just having them is shown to help sales. So if there is a link to the sponsor please review the item. I’m not TELLING you to review it, just asking nicely since most of these items were given to me via the supermoot sponsors.