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Borealis Meditation Super Give Away #1!

Dates: 11/17 – 11/27 (10 days)

Question: What is your (current) favorite landform or type of landform? Please post a photo with your answer in the comments.

Winner will be chosen on 11/28 and has until 11/30 to claim their prize (so I can ship it before my next trip).

This giveaway is sadly only for US shipping addresses but check back next month if you are out of the US!
UPDATE: I am willing to pay for US shipping for this item, if you are willing to pay the difference then by all means enter away!

Prize! A copy of Witches and Pagans and the 2014 Witches Companion
These items were provided by BBI Media and Llewellyn Publishing for the 2013 Magical Media Meetup
Drawing type: Random Number from all qualifying answers!

Please refer to giveaway rules:
#1: answer question
#2: answer between dates given
#3: check back to claim your prize
#4: pay attention to restrictions on shipping
#5: no bitching (have fun!)
#6: open to everyone (see #4) so feel free to share
#7: Reviews are good, review if you care inclined.
(more details on the RULES post)



  1. Paul Greathead

    Competition time!
    I like stromatolites. They're old, really really old. And fascinating. Here's an article with a picture.
    Plus I choose to ignore your rules on international entries. How very dare you ring-fence your swag for 'merkins only? If I win I will paypal you some postage to make up the difference ^_^.

  2. Stephanie Clayton

    I love Calderas. This is mostly because that's what Crater Lake is and it's one of my favorite places in Oregon. I love the idea that after the volcano “died” it turned into this fabulous lake. They've got some beautiful pictures on the Wikipedia entry for Crater Lake. Unfortunately I had to use one of those photos as all of my pictures are still with my parents in Oregon and I'm stuck in Oklahoma.

  3. Kathleen

    I thought about saying “but you have to pay for shipping” but I though that was mean… thanks fo volunteering! 🙂

  4. Kathleen

    Oh man! Stromatolites are awesome! field trip!?

  5. Kathleen

    I talked about Crater Lake in my last episode! I love that place so much! 🙂

  6. Rebecca Powell

    Since I couldn't answer this question off the top of my head, I googled “types of landforms” and the Wikipedia page that came up with a list of landforms immediately made me realize this was going to be a difficult question, haha. I almost didn't make it past aeolian landforms even, because 1) the name for that class of landforms is just super cool, and 2) the idea of air shaping the land is also very appealing. However, I did glance down at the coastal and oceanic landforms, and saw what will have to be my official answer: the cape. My family is fortunate enough to have a summer home on Cape Cod that my grandparents purchased way back in the day, and a summer is not complete unless I've been able to get out there for at least a brief time. So…capes 🙂 This is a great aerial shot of Cape Cod:

  7. Kathleen

    That is just awesome! I am so glad that you discovered one of my favorite type of process that shapes landscapes. One of the coolest outcrops I have ever seen was an old dune deposit. The sand gets this cross hatched pattern as the wind blows the dunes by! beautiful!

    Keep exploring the land-forms around you! 🙂

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