I was going to write about something a little on the long side, but a movie I wanted to see came in the mail today so it is going to be short. Here is a super crazy idea I had. I love the Asterix and Obelix comics. I checked out every single one the library had when I was growing up and bought one when I was in France. I even own a movie!

Now for my crazy idea. I am pretty damn french in my heritage and I got curious about Gaul and Gaulish religions. I remember references to Julius Caesar writing about the Druids in France, and a cautionary note to remember who he was and who he was writing too…. and therefore take those writings with a large chunk of salt. However, I am curious about the cultural knowledge today about druids in Gaul. So then I got the idea that in Asterix and Obelix the characters would be stereotypes based on current cultural understanding. I’m not saying I am going to take them literally but I thought it would be a fun exercise to treat the comics like a sort of source material story (like fairy tales) and see what sort of picture I could draw about druids in Gaul. So I am going to try it! We’ll see what happens!