I am packing for another set of trips, and that got me thinking about what other spiritual/magical people take with them. So I asked! Before I share the responses I figured it would only be far to share what I do. I don’t take much. I have a travel ring (I never travel with jewelry), and that is about it. However, I do spend as much time outside as I can! Even on a work trip I tend to always find a way to sneak off and have some personal time out in nature. I do however have a specific pencil that I NEED for taking notes, Dr Bronner’s soap, a kindle, and a travel alarm clock (because you never know when the power is going to go out!). I also tend to take my personal things as a carry on and check my work tools.

On to the list!

Velma: I keep a blue tigers eye in my car and have a protective spell bottle hanging from the mirror. Also have taken amethyst and hematite as pocket rocks and I usually have a ‘lucky charm’ coin that I keep in my wallet. I don’t fly with herbs or oils unless I’m checking a bag, because I do not care for airport security cavity searches (just in case).

Polly: umm.. usually my tarot and books, oh and my little read book of doom.. *nods* 🙂

Saturn: Usually a stone, for connectedness, this goes for any trip.  Depends where I’m traveling to and what I’m planning for anything else.  I let magic happen in the moment on trips so I let the circumstances of the place become the altar. and a deck of tarot is pretty typical

Fire Lyte: Mercury dime for safe travel? But my car has charms in it already, so I don’t have to add much if I’m driving.

Meical: Gonna make me one of these for my travels starting next week..

Natalie: My Jeep. It can take me to places where I don’t have to bring an altar.

Sophia Catherine: I have a tiny little travel altar in a painted Altoids box. It has teeny tiny representations of Land, Sea and Sky, plus a candle so I can do a devotion wherever I am.

Sparrow:  I carry something in my purse all the time. I also have some altar coins that I often bring. They have many different symbols on them and have a number of uses.

Pagan Homeschooling: I carry a travel alter I bought from Mazer Creations on Etsy

Jen Rue: Salt, stones & lavender e.o. (in the suitcase.)

Silver Shadow: blessed saint Christopher medal, dressed silver dime. I anoint my car and self with safe travel oils. Mojo bags sometimes too.

Ava: Incense, but books mostly, I always think to catch up on reading spirituality-wise. But then on a vacation I mostly enjoy direct undiluted contact with nature (forest, ocean, plants) my inner thoughts and dreams.  I packed a mini-altar once for Beltane. That’s when I decided to not bother with ‘instruments’ when I’m away.

I love how different everyone’s response is! All the mini alters reminded me that I also have an Altoids tin sewing kit that I always take. What do you pack!? Join the conversation! 🙂