Hands down the most pagans I have been around at one time…. ever! What a blast! I am truly blessed to be associated with such amazing individuals! I can’t thank everyone enough for such amazing memories! Also there I go with “!”s again. I have a problem, but… I had so much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First of all I wanted to thank Velma (WitchesBrewhaha) FireLyte (Inciting a riot) and Cory (New World Witchery) for all their hard work organizing the event! I also wanted to thank all the people who contributed to the swag bags! I am going to have fun reading and playing with all the new amazing treats I got!

I also wanted to thank Mystic Dream for hosting us!

I wasn’t sure how much my readers would be interested in an “OMG and then we did this, and I got this…” sort of post so I decided to just keep it simple. I you follow me on facebook and twitter I have posted a few photos and there will be more leaking out!

Here are the Podcasters that also attended:
Velma Nightshade (WitchesBrewhaha)
Fire Lyte (Inciting a Riot)
Cory (New World Witchery)
Scarlet (Lakefront Pagan Voice)
Mnemosyne (Pagan by Nature)
Saturn (Pennies in the well)
Devin (Modern Witch)

I am home now after having been gone for about a month, and ready to get working on the next show. I’m all pumped!

I will leave you with this though… I am a geology genie!