Earthquakes from 7/28 – time of publishing (8:00 PM on 8/03) from Magnitude 3 and up. Past week are yellow and earthquakes from yesterday are orange, and the last hour are in red.

Totals for the last week: 
M2.5 + 240
M5 + 24
M6 + 4 (Largest was on 07-28-12 at 20:03:56 UTC and was a M 6.5 Papua-New Guinea Region )
M7 + 0

Some Earthquakes in the news: 
Peru Earthquake Measures 6.1 Magnitude ( M6.1 34km E of Pucallpa, Peru 2012-08-02 09:38:31 UTC)
Minor Earthquake Rattles Virginia Area Again ( M2.4 16km ESE of Lousia, Virginia 2012-07-31 04:43:02 UTC)

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