The good news is that you have a working geologist at your disposal…

The bad news is that this working geologist is actually working on a lot of projects right now (good for professional life bad for having a life) and is SUPER busy and SUPER tired when she does get to come home.

I tried last weekend to get my latest episode out and ended up sleeping a lot. It was one of those end of a stressful project body shuts down weekends. But I am mostly recovered at this point and ready to get to work.

I have a new grand plan!

1) get the episode I have been working on out
2) BURNINGMAN episode! This one I plan to release after the burn and include the geology of the black rock and some recordings from Black Rock City!
3) Geology of San Fran + M00t! Yup I’m a yes on that one! Tickets still need to be bought but I’m going!

Beyond that the episode are going to be far apart but no longer just random stuff I thought of. I am going to pick a region to focus on and talk about the geologic history and minerals you can go rock hounding for in the area. That is my grand plan. So expect better episodes just farther apart. I am also going to start packing my little portable voice recorder and do some field recordings while I am traveling. (I am going to be traveling a lot)

So that is the plan. I’ll also try and be more active writing about science news and earthquakes and eruptions. I think we should adopt Pagan volcano and just check in on it every week or so… sound good!? Its got an awesome name after all!

Peace Love and Rocks!