This is the first episode for Season 2 (the season of slightly organized chaos)
of the Borealis Meditation Podcast

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The Main topic of this episode was Sonification of Data
The first featured data set was the 2011 earthquake catalog of events over Magnitude 4.5

the audio segment I shared was from Feb 1 – April 15

Question 1) What can you hear about the change in world wide earthquakes after the Tohoku earthquake? What can you hear that might be hard to see in the data set if you were to pause the video on April 15th?

The next featured data set was star oscillations by the artist Jeff Talman. I played a segment of his piece Nature of the night sky (2011)

Please check out his website
Also check out the installations website
And the NPR interview
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Here are the stars used and my brief descriptions.
KIC 7457184
KIC 2424822
KIC 6928997
KIC 8366239
KIC 6802438
KIC 11026764
KIC 9139151

Nu Indi – is a tight binary system. A blue-white +6.0 magnitude star is separated from a +6.1 magnitude yellowish-white star by only 0.1 seconds of arc.

Eta Bootis – a star in the conetallation Bootis and also has the traditional names of Muphrid and Saak

Procyon – brightest star in the constellation canis minor and is the seventh brightest star in the night sky

Mu Herculis – in the constellation Hercules and is in a system about 27.1 light years from earth

Beta Virginis – is a star in the constellation of virgo and has a traditional name of Zavihava and alaraph, it is the fifth star in order of brightness

49933 – a solar like star that is located about 98 light years from the sun in the constellation Monoceros the Unicorn

Alpha Centari B – brightest star in the constellation of Centaurus, it is a binary star system and only B was used in this recording

Tau Ceti – in the constellation Cetus and specrtally similar to the sun, centus is a sea monster in greek mythology and it is also often called the whale today

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