This episode will be coming out in mid-October! I will have a co-host and we will be detailing the chemical and physical reasons behind color in different minerals

So here are the preliminary topics and the finalized list of minerals we will be covering! If you have any other ideas please comment on this post or email me and I will add them to this post! However, the list of minerals is finalized.

Preliminary topics:

General how you get color in minerals

Specific minerals and how they get their colors

How the change of color affects the associations for a mineral


* fuchsite

* Hematite

* Fluorite

* amethyst/citrine

* Lapis Lazuli

* sugilite gets its gorgeous purple color

* tourmaline,

* larimar

* kyanite

* aventurine,

* calcite

* corundums

* amethyst and citrine

* tourmaline

* aventurine

* calcite

* corundums

* Quartz

This should be a fun episode! The focus is going to be mostly on the science but we will for sure look into the changes in associations.