I stumbled upon some arctic lore about a specific rock that is believed to be a meteorite but the Inuit in northern Alaska. I thought you guys might enjoy it!

Unusual powers are similarly attributed to a large black rock in the
Point Barrow area, thought by Inuit to be of meteoric origin. Rochfort
Maguire’s journal (Bockstoce, 1988:541) gives the following account:

Among the few remarkable features of this dreary coast is a large

stone, about four sleeps from Point Barrow, near Point Tangent… The
natives assert it is a “fire stone,” and fell from the sky within the
memory of people now living. No one saw it fall; but one woman, about
sixty years of age, said she traveled that way yearly as a girl, when
there was no such stone there, and that in returning one summer, her
people were much surprised to see it, and believed it had fallen from
the sky….

It is said to enlarge and present a full rounded appearance
at times, where deer are plentiful in the neighborhood, as it feeds
upon them, killing and devouring a great many at a time.