1. You are Pagan Enough, because you try fervently to explore what it means to be pagan and apply it to your life, despite your physical appearance, personal tastes, level of experience, or other factor that others might use to say you are not pagan.
2. You recognize others are Pagan Enough despite how they may look, act, or believe, as long as that person feels they are fervently seeking the divine on a pagan path.
3. You attempt to debate those that have opposing viewpoints, learning from one another despite how passionate the debate becomes, instead of simply writing others off for not being up to your standard of ‘pagan’.
4. You welcome, befriend, and encourage others in the pagan community despite their physical appearance, level of experience, age, or other physical or superficial characteristic.
5. You promise to treat members of other religions and spiritual paths with equality, fairness, and grace, setting a good example for the Pagan community both in and out of the community, not judging the individuals based on fringe members of their same faith.

To be blunt and honest, the kind of behavior PPE seeks to point out and eliminate from the pagan community is why I never got involved when I was younger.

I am not the traditional pagan
I question everything
I never accept things at face value – and I don’t care who wrote it
my ideas and beliefs evolve with time
I am a scientist
I accept other religions
I hate no one before they deserve it
I don’t wear my religion on my sleeve
I wear jeans and t-shirts
I don’t wear a pentacle every day
I don’t wear goth make-up
I don’t even run naked in the woods
I break all your stereotypes
But I am pagan
I am a student of the earth
I walk my own path
I am proud to be pagan
I am pagan enough for me.