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new series!

Ok the new podcast is going to kick off the new year with a new series, so start thinking about… the elements! I know groan this again? I promise its something different. I am going to want some input and now I have “incentive” I brought home prizes!

Yes thats right I have prizes! So get ready! I will accept input in two forms: emails and mp3s!

Also we are going to change direction a little bit with the rocks and minerals, I am going to start talking about rocks on the whole. We are going to talk about going from minerals to rocks. Some of the minerals yes, and if there is anything specific we will talk about them. Switching over to where you find the minerals which more often then not is occurring within a rock! So I am going to start going to talk about rocks! 🙂

There is a type of analysis called “whole rock analysis” so we are going to talk about “whole rock energies”




  1. Matt Switzer

    You're back! That rocks (pun fully intended)! I can't wait to hear what you have to say about the “whole rock energies”… it makes perfect sense that, say, some emerald crystals still attached to their matrix will have a different feeling/use due to the addition of the matrix. I may be way off on this one, but Lapis Lazuli pops to mind immediately, with the blue Lapis, the veins of marble, and I'm not sure if the metallic flecks are pyrite or not, but that's technically three different minerals in one rock… lot's of different energies there! Can't wait for the show!

  2. Pombagira

    wheee… looking forward to more geologyrockyness with spark and spirit.. *bounces*


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