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YES YOU! There is a poll right ——————–>
The last episode I did the lesson about volcanoes and tsunamis was motivated by explaining current events. Did you like that approach?
please let me know!
You can also just comment on this post to let me know.

The question is: Do you like current events as the center of the lesson or more as an example to highlight the lesson and emphasize a point, do you like you lesson floating in the vast expanses of time and space with no current events examples only old well known ones?


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  1. Pombagira

    ohh i will be taking the poll, but have to listen to the podcast first.. life has been ummmm.. busy.. in that OMG can i get of the rollacoasta now and have go on the merry go round? kinda way.. thus am behind in listen to my podcasts.. eek and meep…


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