Physical characteristics of Covellite:
It is pretty!!!!

chemical formula: CuS
Hardness: 1.5-2
1 perfect cleavage plane
Luster: submetallic to resinous
Color: indigo blue, sometimes darker may be iridescent

Distinguished by the blue color and cleavage

Occurs with other copper sulfides in hydrothermal sulfide deposits
Mined as copper ore

Metaphysical properties:

Melody (2):
Melody notes that most of the covellite she has seen was from Butte, MT copper mine.

Covellite stimulate the third eye and initiate psychic power, and enhances communication skills and stimulates positive outlook as well as assisting in transforming conscious dreams to realities.

Covellite can act as a mirror showing one the defective reasoning which leads to problems, and helps heal the wounds of vanity

(1) Introduction to Mineralogy, by William D. Nesse
(2) Love is in the earth, a kaleidoscope of crystals, by Melody