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Oh I wish I wish

there were more hours in the week!

I wanted to get a mini-episode recorded this weekend and look what time it is! 8pm on a Sunday and this is the first I thought of it!

I have a friend coming to town and will be here all next weekend, so no show then either. I did warn you there would be a break somewhere in here! Well here it is! Consider me on hiatus for a bit. if in 2 weeks my thesis-ing is intense I’ll have to put it off again. C’est la vie!

I will try and get something fun up on the blog, I have the “book-o-learning” also known as the lab book for the 101 class here. I will see if there is something fun I can pull out!

Also a listener bought something from me on my etsy show! I am so exited!

I am working on:
– drying catnip for cat toys
– a “The Fool” tarot box (yes they fit cards I checked!)
– hmmmm I’ll think of something 😉

Dinner is cooking, and I need to get some reading done!

Take care my students! I am loving all the love and I can’t wait to share more wonderful geology with you all!



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  1. Pombagira

    so i tried to post to this last night but the internets ateeded my post.. will try here while i am at work, and if that fails, then i will email you mwahaha… anyhoo..

    its all good that you are taking a small break as it will give me a chance to relisten to all of your pocasts, and takes notes like i have been planing to.. whee… now all i need is a witchy pocast about plants herb and enthogins along the same lines as this pocast and life would be sweeeeetttt… *looks at Miss S Lawless, in the Forest Grove*… do be do

    have a great break and fun with your visiting friend.. wheee!!


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