Ok so now that I generally have an idea for whats going on this semester I have a tentative schedule. I am only going to be working on the podcast on the weekends due to… well I procrastinate a TON and if I give it a day then I can maybe get more done during the week. Also I have something I do every other Sunday during the school year already so…. every other weekend is when I am going to record.

September 11&12

September 25&26

then expect a break, because its super thesis time! I am defending this semester and my first draft is due beginning of October so… yeah I am just now going to say I will be taking a break. depending on when my advisors field work is

I should be back for 1 middle of October 16&17?

then paper work is due so expect another break until mid November
after that I should be on a regular schedule and then in January I am done so I will go back to every week!

that’s the plan at least!

as for topics what I want to cover is:
– plate tectonics
– the time scale
– types of rocks

– k-feldspar
– agate, chalcedony, amethyst, citrine, and other types of quartz
– at least and then try and get farther on my list of silicates!

Also what I need to do is get the index notes up for the show, finish filling out the mineral sheets on the website and on the google docs page so I can make those available.

Oh and podkin? I have been listening 😉 I have lists of things to go over, I hope this isn’t annoying! I’m not trying to be 🙁 There are just a few things I wanted to address that I have been hearing. I am still very behind so I will try and catch up by going running but its nasty outside and perfect weather for working so that’s what I have been doing.

Almost have the shop set up I just need to making something first so I can take a photo! That’s another thing for the weekend! 🙂 I am thinking of making a witch-y ipod case! as soon as I have examples up feel free to make requests as well! I use remnant fabric mostly so I am limited by the selection of scraps at Joanns

I also paint pre-made boxes, Kai makes masks, and for that just request the type of mask (again we get blanks) and colors. He then works his magic 😉
I make dog toys and cat toys too. I just need to get some catnip to plant so I can dry my own. that’s the plan at least!

much love!