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Hey class!

Ok I feel enough like a teacher I am going to just cave and call my listeners my students!
Ok Class! Participation points!
I am going to list some topics and some questions comment or email me to participate in the show! 🙂

– are they male or female or does it depend on the volcano?
– got any myths? legends? gods? goddesses?

Geologic time scale
– what in your opinion is a “long time” for you? in history? for the world? What time scale do you feel the divine works on?

Geology and you
– what do you like? what do you want to learn more about?

Ok GO! 🙂


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  1. Pombagira

    Wheee.. *scrables through the door and grabs teh front seat*

    hmm.. volcanoes.. i beleive that depends on the volcano.. casue where i grew up was Mt Edgemont, which was then renamed Mt Taranaki, which for me was male.. but then as i got older.. it became more female.. *weird*.. so maybe it depends on your culture, edgemont and Taranaki are pretty male names.. and in Maori Ledgend Mt Taranaki is male. ( Ooo. also legends that are also to do with the land, and shaping it from NZ is How Maui Caught the North island *beams*

    ummm time.. see now, i am more of the belief that time is realivite.. *snorts*.. anyhoo.. in the sense of the land and how it moves time is long, measured in 1000's if not 10,000's of years, land moves very slowly and feels slow to. in the sense of deity and or magic that can be slow or fast.. see i know that often when you are traversing the inner planes, or journeying or astral travelling or meditation, or what ever you want to label it time becomes somewhat distorted.. be3cause 20 minuets in this world can oft times feel like 2 hours in the other worlds, and then at times it can feel like 2 minutes.. so.. it is realivite.. i do know that in the history of the world tho, humans have only been around for *mumble* seconds or so..

    umm, not sure what want learn more about.. hmm.. maybe the difference between fossils and crystal rocks..?? and is that *insert odd name here* crystal really dinosaur pooh?? also can you get fossilised dinosaur pooh?? *ponders this* gosh some days i'm 12.. *grins*…

    oh and age of countries.. casue i know that geologically speaking much of new zealand is quite young.. especially compared to the rest of the world.. *ponders this*

    also sorry about the spelling miss !! *beams*


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