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Help for the next episode!

I was gifted some amazing rocks on the BRC and this weeks episode is going to be a little different and I am going to talk about the stuff I came home with!

So what I am looking for is some input ideas, pearls of wisdom, first had experience with:

Petosky Healing Stones
Vesuvianite (idocrase)

I brought back goodies from the Black Rock btw 😉 just sayin’


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  1. Meical

    obsidian is volcanic glass, born of fire, cooled quickly enough that chaos was frozen, capable of supporting and incredibly sharp edge, used to prolong life as scalpels and to take it as sacrificial daggers.

    travertine is born of rain water, as it dissolves limestone and re-precipitates it underground in banded layers. it preserves seasonal events. it is representative of cycles of life and non-life.

    idocrase is born of fire into a mixed form. tetragons and squares. it forms from the contact of molten rock and limestone, thus it is represents the application of fire to the hard remains of life.

    petosky stone is a fossilized coral. it shows distinct 6-sided figures. it is the sea brought to land and an example of a communal lifestyle.

    hope this helps.


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