Helping humankind live with the earth not against it


my wonderful other half got this great idea of me doing a podcast, and because that sounds both exciting and scary at the same time… I’m going to do it! hmmmm now…. what am I going to need… time to get to work!


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  1. syriwhiteflame

    I just found your podcast! Yay! I've loved rocks for ages and after taking geology last year I'm an even bigger believer that pagans should know a little earth science. Especially if you're going to work with the elements, and in the case of crystal working I would say geology should practically be a requirement. It just gives you a better understanding of what you're dealing with and I think has the potential to really influence the symbolism and the way in which one works with things like crystals or water.
    So yeah, I'm already a big fan after just the first episode!

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