Hell yeah!
I am going to record some stuff tonight for next weeks podcast, might try and get Kai to help me with the technical stuff so its not just boring old me! I’m going to try and find some more “me” music for the podcast, thats podsafe, we shall see what I come up with.

Its FRIDAY and the data are behaving, the thesis is behaving and ok the weather is sort of shit, but hey Friday = pub day (geologist drink a lot I will refer you to an article called “Why Geologist Love Beer” all I have to say is 175 kegs/week is a lot of beer )

have an excellent weekend to anyone who happens to read this
(sometimes I think I’m talking to myself… again… creeps me out…)



UPDATE: spoke too soon! Thats what I get for not having a window, the sun is out! and its warm! my little plants are going to be so happy!!!!!