Introduction: a sense of place

I am moving. Paperwork isn’t set in stone so I am trying not to jinx it, but no matter what we are headed for new scenery by the end of the year (we hope). I thought this would be a good time to distill my ideas about connecting to a place and with nature and the environment down into written form so I can do what science has trained me to do: test the ideas. So, I am going to start here with a short outline of these ideas, and then explore them with stories from previous leaps into the unknown. Then I can revisit each one with my new experiences when I get where I am going. When I connect to a new place there are three steps and three layers that need to be examined, explored, and understood.

The first layer is the human layer. This is the most obvious and where we as an individual fit in. This includes human history, culture, and our impact and expression in the environment. There are historical cultures of a place, and the modern culture. There is also the history of human habitation in the area, and the type of settlement that exists there now. Modern history, and ancient history. All this has an influence on the human expression of a place at any point in time, and I think is very important in understanding the current culture of a place.

The second layer is the flora and fauna of the area. This includes the current “invasives” as well as the native and endemic species. There is a natural history of each place, and a history of introduction of different species. The history of the changing balance of different species in an area can have a huge impact on its current state.

The third layer to be explored is the geologic and environmental layer. What is the climate type, geologic setting, and local hazards? The world isn’t frozen, everything changes and moves. This layer can pop up in unexpected ways in the other layers. The layout of streets might be influenced by an old stream channel, or area that was a swamp.

When you combine knowledge of these three layers you start to see how they all connect and feed into each other. That is when you start to really know a place. When I come to a new place I approach it with an insane amount of questions. And of course with each answered question comes 10 more. The best thing you can do to feel more connected to where you are is be curious about it, but always remember you can never know it all, there is always more to explore!

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This is permission to be yourself!

Not everyone follows the same path, but it always feels like there is a set of assumptions we all make about fellow pagans, and ourselves if we choose to use that label. Which is stupid. We are all individuals with our own strengths and weaknesses. It have been in a low spot lately… (stress will do that) and I was feeling a little low about the state of my path. It happens. I fell into the thinking traps that I think we all do. There was lots of negativity towards somethings just not clicking for me. The same thing applies to my writing. I have never been a writer and I don’t pretend to be now. But, even though I know that and I KNOW it is ok to just get it out there and blog, I haven’t writing, I’ve been deleting things before I hit post.

I snapped out of it. And I am here to say be your own fucking witch or pagan or whatever the hell you want to call yourself. What do witches do? We used to steal milk apparently. Wouldn’t it be silly if we all started judging each other on how much milk we stole? Or being harsh on ourselves if we hadn’t stolen milk yet this month? Thank you to New World Witchery for pointing this out to me. “What Witches Do” changes with the times. I personally haven’t cursed a cow, and that is another thing witches are supposed to do. Listening to that episode of New World Witchery pointed out how silly it is to have a literal checklist that never changes of things you have to do to be considered a witch. Some goes with being considered pagan.

I still wasn’t out of my self doubt, and it took another thunk on the head to finally clear the cobwebs of doubt out. This came in the form of Chris Orapello’s interview with Sarah Lawless on his podcast Down at the Cross Roads. These two man, so freaking smart, and clever, and just sharp! Chris is an excellent interviewer and really pokes at the core of our community, and Sarah is just about as badass and amaze-balls as witches come. Chris and Sarah talked about a lot of things, but one of them was on being a witch, what it means and what it doesn’t mean.

Both the episode of New World Witchery and Down At the Crossroads had this message of do your own thing. Witches, healers, and seers used to be specialized. Both made that point, and that now there is this perception that we have to do it all. Fuck it. Do your own thing. Find what you are good at. I think this is a message we can all use loud and clear in our practices.

Try anything you want to, and find what you love and what you are good at. If it’s not your thing that is ok.

This is permission to be your own seeker. Future self I am talking to you too. Try that new thing and just can’t see what everyone is raving about? Maybe it just isn’t for you and that is A-OK.

I am going to go outside and be that witch that talks to chickens, and you should listen to those episodes…. or not. do whatever.

Down at the Crossroads

New World Witchery


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Goodbye Podcasting! Hello new adventure!

As I wrote in March, I have decided to say goodbye to Podcasting. But enough about that! I am on a new adventure already!

OBOD-Logo2So here is my big announcement. I have been quiet lately because I joined OBOD. I started my Bardic grade work and have been focusing  on that work in my free time.  I wasn’t sure if I even wanted to write on the blog at all about this change mostly because… I really need to do work for me, and only me. I love sharing my knowledge and experiences but, I was feeling a little thin. This isn’t only because of the blog and podcast, I also do quite a bit of volunteering where I live as well.  I need to refocus inward. I won’t be sharing my personal journey but there are also other things going on!

For example: Today I want to share a project I did this weekend.


I was looking at my pile of lessons for OBOD, and out of no where the though:  “those look like leaves of a book waiting to be bound” popped into my head.  So I did some googling. I honestly can’t remember when the last time I did any book making was, but it is something my Mom really loves so I have been around it for a long time.  I didn’t take photos of the process but here is what I did:

1) measured 2 inches in from the top and bottom of each booklet, and then one inch in from that. punch a hole with a needle at these marks for each booklet.

2) stitch the booklets together (I used fishing line)

3) cut out the cover from cardboard and cover with fabric

4) glue the ribbons and some fabric onto the back of the booklets

5) glue the fabric that was glued to the booklets to the inside of the cover, and then cover with a piece of paper.

Here are some links I was looking at while I made it:

I mostly followed this

I got a few tips from here

I used this type of stitching

It just feels amazing to hold a book that I made. Even though its not the best job, and it won’t take much wear and tear, I did it. I also like that I went with something simple. My Mom loves the fancy stitching, and folds, and different papers. Honestly it wasn’t that hard, and I think next time I will just make sure I have the right glue for the job.

Hope this finds you all well!

Before I go I want to leave you with a little bit of cute!


One of my hens is fostering some chicks that were orphaned.

Take Care,


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Blue Marbles

The_Earth_seen_from_Apollo_17Whenever I hear the phrase “blue marble” I think of the famous photograph of the earth taken in 1972 from the Apollo 17 of the earth.  Today I was introduced to a Blue Marble Tree! Sometimes I learn about something new and I am so excited I just can’t wait to share! This is one of those times!

The Blue Marble Tree is part of the Elaeocarpus genus and there are several species. The fruit is edible (but I was told by someone who has tried it that it tastes “like mud”) and is a brilliant blue. The seed inside, well you should just look at the photo!


I saw this tree on a tour today of a conservation area. The tour guide also told us that the seeds are used as prayer beads. Naturally I was curious (and picked up a few on our way through the area). This has led me on one of those crazy internet adventures old learning.  E. ganitrus that grows in India, Indonesia, New Guinea, Australia, Guam and Hawaii, so it is likely that this is the species that I saw, but I do not know for sure.

The seeds from this variety are used to made rudraksha or rudraksh prayer beeds. Rudraksha is Sanskrit for Rudra (“Shiva”) and aksha (“eyes”). Then I started looking around for more information on the rudrasha. I found several videos of using copper plates to test if a rudrasha was real. If you are confused, don’t worry I was too. Turns out there is a belief that these seeds have a magnetic field and should spin on their own when held between two plates. But they are supposed to spin clockwise.

Usually the seeds are strung together to make a mala. This usually consists of 108 beads plus one, and is supposed to be a shield against negative energy.


I am not where near done digging into this but it was too interesting to not share! I hope you are as intrigued as I am! The tree itself has amazing roots that create huge buttresses. It towered above us. I am going to leave you with a botanical drawing of the leaves flowers and berries. What an interesting plant.



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Hibernation and computer break

I went into a technology hibernation for a few months. It was started by my computer dying on me. After several tries to bring it back from the dead I gave up. About a month later I started looking into getting a computer and about a week ago that new computer showed up! Tech breaks are a good thing. I got a lot of reading and thinking and crafting done during that time. Now I am back.

The biggest change is that I have ended Borealis Meditation Podcast. I touched on my reasons in the last episode but I wanted to get back into that, because I think it is really important. I started the podcast with the intention of giving back to the community. I wanted to share what I had learned in my years in school, in hopes that it would help others connect with their environment. However, I noticed myself being drawn into the traps of the internet. It started to be more about the attention, the likes, shares, and numbers than just selflessly giving. It is a very easy trap to fall into since we are hard wired to want praise and attention. The internet is excellent at lighting up the pleasure centers of our brains.

It is a constant battle when you are fighting your biology. I needed the break. I needed to let go of that project and retreat into myself. As much as I know sharing about your path helps others, I have started to feel the need to go back to my quiet solitary ways. It was so tempting to share all about my path that it wasn’t for me anymore. So I am going to take my path deep into the woods, and just peak my head out to share every now and then. I have needed a refocusing on me. My core doesn’t feel pure. I am not sure if that even makes sense, but that is how it feels. I was feeling selfish, and I didn’t like it. I also don’t like that I haven’t been very good at getting to know you guys more. I am going to try and fix that!

It is SPRING! Things are growing and the world is full of possibility! I’m not sure what lies ahead of me (literally I don’t know where I will be living this time next year….) but I am excited. Right before my computer died I was thinking about writing more. Now that I have a computer again I am thinking about doing that. I might try some things out on the blog. I have a million ideas as usually but I am not sure if I can grab them and nail them down on paper… I want to write more, and read more. I am going to try and clean up my twitter and bloglovin’ feeds so that I can actually follow what is going on instead of just skim by. Who knows how successful that will be. Hope all is well!

~ Kat

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The Gaia Update for November 5 2014

The Gaia Update is a (almost) weekly short news podcast on what the earth has been up to. It focuses on the three big natural disaster types: Earthquakes, Volcanoes and Tsunamis, but also highlights other geology and earth science related news and research.

This week we are covering the earthquakes between 00:00:00 UTC on October 1 2014 and 00:00:00 UTC on November 1 2014.

Information is from the following resources:
Earthquakes: The USGS Earthquakes Page

I messed on the storage again so I am going to just host the file here again!




Download kml file here

Kilauea Lava Flow:


Sato Family Headstone

Berm location relative to flow front

Other sources:

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Borealis Meditation Podcast Season 3 Episode 2

In this episode we let curiosity take us on a twisting path from Mercy Dimes through chemistry, mineraology, and end up with a few stories about hot springs. Curiosity can lead us on some wild and crazy paths if you let it! Come along for the ride!


Dean (Lamplighter Blues)

Kai Borealis



Lamplighter Blues

Pagan Widow Podcast

If you are interested in getting your own Mercury Dime I recommend Candlesmoke on etsy!



Memphis Minnie – Hoodoo Lady Blues

Gaia consort – Goodnight 

Robert A Wolf – Kocatu


Sources Used:

Uni reunion and day-trip to Hakone

This show is released under creative commons, attribution

I would also like to thank this episodes personification of Curiosity Niels Stenson also known as Blessed Nicholas Steno.

If you like the show you can do one very simple thing to show it…. SHARE IT!

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The Gaia Update for September 29, 2014

I recorded an podcast but I’m out of storage for the month in my feed.

I have a first world problem. After coming home from work, and after a social engagement I rushed to write and record an episode covering the recent events this weekend. However, I can’t release it on the podcast feed because my storage limit doesn’t reset until the first of the month on Wednesday. It’s not like I am going to deprive you of background on the Ontake eruption that has killed ~ 30 hikers so I am trying something different. I am going to host the episode here on the website. Last night Doctor Hob tested the file and said it works (what a relief). So here is your episode!

Hikers fleeing from the eruption at Ontake Volcano

In this episode of the Gaia Update we go over a few volcanoes that were in the news this weekend and touch on the main physical difference between them. Ontake In Japan which erupted suddenly seemingly without warning killing ~ 30 hikers who were on the volcano, Mt St Helens which looms over Portland Oregon, and Kilauea whose lava flow is still slowly making its way towards the Hawaiian town of Pahoa.

The Gaia Update is a (almost) weekly short news podcast on what the earth has been up to. It focuses on the three big natural disaster types: Earthquakes, Volcanoes and Tsunamis, but also highlights other geology and earth science related news and research.

Information is from the following resources:


Smithsonian Weekly Volcano Activity Report

Mt St Helens:

Video with an interview from CVO talking about Mt St Helens

Volcano Monitoring in the US from i09


Ontake Volcano

Eruptions Blog Post on the Ontake Eruption

The Nature News article on the warning signs

i09 piece on the hikers on the volcano when it erupted 

Satellite Images from the Earth Observatory of the Ontake eruption

Thank you for putting up with the odd release format this week! Let me know if you have any questions!

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The next Borealis Meditation proper espiode is coming soon! Get your questions in now!

Because of the way that my podcast hosting service works, with a long form episode I can’t also post all the Gaia Updates for that month. So I decided you get the Gaia Update for the months that you don’t have a long one! The aim is to get the next episode out for October.


1) Geology Lesson: Hot spring deposition of minerals (hydrothermal systems)

2) Featured Minerals: Sulfides (have a say in the mineral here)

3) The science of Magic: Reduction and Oxidization Reactions How the Mercury Dime charm works

And you will also get a sort form Gaia Update as well.

I’m excited! Are you!? 



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The Gaia Update for September 17, 2014

The Gaia Update is a (almost) weekly short news podcast on what the earth has been up to. It focuses on the three big natural disaster types: Earthquakes, Volcanoes and Tsunamis, but also highlights other geology and earth science related news and research.

Information is from the following resources:
Earthquakes: The USGS Earthquakes Page
Volcanoes: Smithsonian Weekly Volcano Activity Report

Listen via the embed above or subscribe via itunes.

This week we have some earthquakes, some volcanoes, and another long form update on the Kilauea eruption. Frist we have earthquakes. The following information was provided by the USGS earthquakes site at and covers the 11th of September UTC to the 18th of September at 0 UTC.

All the events of magnitude 5+ are plotted for the last week. The events are colored by age (orange today, yellow the rest of the week) and the size of the dot is scaled for the magnitude.
All the events of magnitude 5+ are plotted for the last week. The events are colored by age (orange today, yellow the rest of the week) and the size of the dot is scaled for the magnitude.

The same data is also available as a KML file for Google Earth if you want to explore the events.

This week there were 31 events between a magnitude 5 and 6 and a significant earthquake with a magnitude revised down to 6.7 located 28 miles North West of Guam. This earthquake occurred at a depth of 137 km or 85 today at 06:14:46 UTC or 16:14 local time in Guam. Because it was so deep there was no danger of a tsunami. Remember tsunamis happen when the earthquake moves the ocean floor enough to significantly displace the water above it. There was no reported damage.

Map slowing the location of the earthquake (the star) relative to the island of Guam and the plate boundary (red).

The Volcano Activity Report can be read here
And the report and be downloaded for Google Earth Here

Bardarbunga Volcano:

Shot Sunday September 14th

An aerial picture taken on September 14, 2014 shows fire and smoke rising from the Bardarbunga volcano in southeast Iceland. BERNARD MERIC/AFP/Getty Images

Mayon Volcano:

Charism SAYAT/AFP/Getty Images



Civil Defense Map of the lava flow for September 17th

Hawaii Public Radio Stories

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