I am on itunes!

Hell yeah!
I am going to record some stuff tonight for next weeks podcast, might try and get Kai to help me with the technical stuff so its not just boring old me! I’m going to try and find some more “me” music for the podcast, thats podsafe, we shall see what I come up with.

Its FRIDAY and the data are behaving, the thesis is behaving and ok the weather is sort of shit, but hey Friday = pub day (geologist drink a lot I will refer you to an article called “Why Geologist Love Beer” all I have to say is 175 kegs/week is a lot of beer )

have an excellent weekend to anyone who happens to read this
(sometimes I think I’m talking to myself… again… creeps me out…)



UPDATE: spoke too soon! Thats what I get for not having a window, the sun is out! and its warm! my little plants are going to be so happy!!!!!
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Show Notes Episode 1

Click here to download Episode 1

About me:
A little bit about your hostess Kathleen, background and ideas about the show. I am very nervous and new at this, so please forgive the “ummms”, I hate public speaking and talking to my computer was marginally better! 😉

Below are the books I referenced, as well as websites. I am going to try and get another episode up next week with definitions and some tools that are useful. Plus a description of an ID kit, and where to find the materials, and how to use them!

please hang in there and be nice to the baby podcaster, I think now that everything is set up it will be easier to get episodes out! That being said I have yet to try and upload into itunes! eeks!

Show outline:
– Geo 101

  • definitions, terms
  • news
  • fun facts and links

– Feature mineral

  • technical data
  • metaphysical info
  • varieties and other names

– Rambling

  • anything I want to talk about!

An Introduction to the Rock-Forming Minerals
by W.A. Deer, R.A. Howie, J. Zussman
published by Prentice Hall

An Introduction to Mineralogy
by William D Nesse
published by Oxford University Press, USA

Annals of the Former World
by John McPhee
published by Farrar, Straus and Giroux



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Podcast uploaded, and added to podcast alley…

I have no idea how to embed the podcast in one of these posts, but when I figure that out, in it goes! It is currently uploaded to podbean and podcastalley next step is to get it uploaded into itunes, but that is a task for another time!

I am tired, but I have a logo too! I really need to get back to work but I’ll type a weekly update on earthquakes later, there was a big one in the Philippines and a M 5 of the coast of Oregon! exciting!

I got my Tricky Pixie CD the other day and I am enjoying listening to it at work! 🙂

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episode 1 recorded….

Ok talking to my computer is really strange….

I recorded an episode and…
wow… ok
I am listening to it right now
and its also strange to hear my own voice
that and I say “um” a lot
very very nervous!
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Things are changing a little bit to get ready for a podcast.
I now have a blog/podcast specific email address
and I am getting everything set up to put out a podcast
I have a HUGE list of things I want to talk about
so.. we shall see!

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podcast? really? maybe!

I was thinking more about what I would want to talk about in a podcast, and there are general things…

– whats a mineral vs a rock
– hardness scale
– what are thin sections
– how do you get colors in minerals
– types of rocks
that sort of thing… I don’t have any sort of recording program though so I’ll try and put together a script and get one, and get it set up and see what I can do…
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my wonderful other half got this great idea of me doing a podcast, and because that sounds both exciting and scary at the same time… I’m going to do it! hmmmm now…. what am I going to need… time to get to work!

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