Show Notes Episode 1

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About me:
A little bit about your hostess Kathleen, background and ideas about the show. I am very nervous and new at this, so please forgive the “ummms”, I hate public speaking and talking to my computer was marginally better! 😉

Below are the books I referenced, as well as websites. I am going to try and get another episode up next week with definitions and some tools that are useful. Plus a description of an ID kit, and where to find the materials, and how to use them!

please hang in there and be nice to the baby podcaster, I think now that everything is set up it will be easier to get episodes out! That being said I have yet to try and upload into itunes! eeks!

Show outline:
– Geo 101

  • definitions, terms
  • news
  • fun facts and links

– Feature mineral

  • technical data
  • metaphysical info
  • varieties and other names

– Rambling

  • anything I want to talk about!

An Introduction to the Rock-Forming Minerals
by W.A. Deer, R.A. Howie, J. Zussman
published by Prentice Hall

An Introduction to Mineralogy
by William D Nesse
published by Oxford University Press, USA

Annals of the Former World
by John McPhee
published by Farrar, Straus and Giroux


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Podcast uploaded, and added to podcast alley…

I have no idea how to embed the podcast in one of these posts, but when I figure that out, in it goes! It is currently uploaded to podbean and podcastalley next step is to get it uploaded into itunes, but that is a task for another time!

I am tired, but I have a logo too! I really need to get back to work but I’ll type a weekly update on earthquakes later, there was a big one in the Philippines and a M 5 of the coast of Oregon! exciting!

I got my Tricky Pixie CD the other day and I am enjoying listening to it at work! 🙂

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episode 1 recorded….

Ok talking to my computer is really strange….

I recorded an episode and…
wow… ok
I am listening to it right now
and its also strange to hear my own voice
that and I say “um” a lot
very very nervous!
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Things are changing a little bit to get ready for a podcast.
I now have a blog/podcast specific email address
and I am getting everything set up to put out a podcast
I have a HUGE list of things I want to talk about
so.. we shall see!

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podcast? really? maybe!

I was thinking more about what I would want to talk about in a podcast, and there are general things…

– whats a mineral vs a rock
– hardness scale
– what are thin sections
– how do you get colors in minerals
– types of rocks
that sort of thing… I don’t have any sort of recording program though so I’ll try and put together a script and get one, and get it set up and see what I can do…
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my wonderful other half got this great idea of me doing a podcast, and because that sounds both exciting and scary at the same time… I’m going to do it! hmmmm now…. what am I going to need… time to get to work!

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