Borealis Meditation Episode 13: volcanoes, volcanic eruptions, pumice and FIRE

Show notes:
Episode 13: Listen HERE
Geology 101: types of volcanoes and volcanic eruptions
Shield Volcano
Mauna Loa, Hawaii
Shishaldin, Aleutian Islands Alaska
Composite volcano
Okmok Caldera, Aleutian Islands, Alaska

Lava Flow
Fire Fountain
strombolian activity with small plume
strombolian activity with larger plume
painting of what the plume Pliny the Younger might have looked like
Photo of Mt Redoubt Eruption in 1989
Krakatoa Eruption 1883
Anuk Krakatau Vulcanian Eruption
Surtsey eruption 1963
Surtsey eruption again
W Mata Volcano Underwater Eruption Video 1/2
West Mata Volcano Underwater Eruption Video 2/2
volcano Gjálp, in Iceland in autumn 1996 eruptions from under Vatnajökull Iceland

Volcanic Explosivity Index (VEI)
VEI criteria
music: Volcano
Significant Earthquakes:
Magnitude 5.1 SPAIN May 11, 2011
Magnitude 5.8 WESTERN TURKEY May 19, 2011
Volcanic Activity, Smithsonian/USGS Weekly Volcanic Activity report

Feature Rock: Pumice
Featuring Cory: New World Witchery
Oriah The Sphinx: Media Astra Ac Terra
Velma: Witches Brewhaha
Elements: Fire
Podcast alley

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Borealis Meditation episode 11: Earthquakes, fossils and earth

Borealis Meditation Episode 11:
Listen here
download slides here
(I had trouble getting the IRIS and USGS slides to upload)
Download IRIS slides here
Download USGS slides here

Geology 101: Earthquakes, Japan Earthquake and Fossilization
(Pagan Community Fundraising Page – for Doctors Without Borders)
(Red Cross)
Music: none this time sorry 🙁
Weekly Update: earthquakes & volcanoes
Feature Mineral: not a mineral, fossils!
Elements: Earth
associations lists post

New contest for episode 12 & 13 post

Links for the Japan Earthquake:
USGS earthquake page technical information:

Tsunami warning page of the pacific current and past
March 11, 2011 Honshu tsunami propagation model video

Teachable moments

Technical information (sent out to the scientific community)with links to more

Harvard Seismology
Preliminary Rupture Modeling of the March 11, 2011 Tohoku-Chiho Taiheiyo-Oki Earthquake and Sequence of Events using the USArray Transportable Array

Science Insider: seismic waves in the US animation and article

Because I like good news even in the midst of bad:
The New York Times: Japan’s Strict Building Codes Saved Lives

The AGU Blogosphere
Blogs written by scientists about science hosted by one of the larger professional organizations. A good place to look around

Badass of the week:
Hideaki Akaiwa

Plus a more serious article about him from Forbes

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Fire Contest!

Contest for episode 12 and 13 FIRE
What you win: a piece of pumice I collected on Montserrat!

What does the word fire mean to you?
What images dose the word fire bring up? Does it matter what mind set you are in?
what stones do you associate with fire?
What else do you associate with fire?
How do you experience the element of fire?

These questions are good for the next two episodes, we are talking about fire so any comments, questions let me know. We are going to talk about volcanoes so if you have any specific questions about specific volcanoes or eruptions let me know!

Email me answers or comment on this post!

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Special Episode

Q&A episode:

Topic Christchurch Earthquakes:
please send me any questions about these earthquakes, earthquakes in general, seismology, anything related at all. The more questions I get the more info you get! Otherwise its just going to be facts about the earthquakes 😉 you know the stuff I find interesting.

I’ll post the questions here:
– What is liquefaction/how does it happen?
– aftershock sequences
– waves and how they are felt in different materials

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Oh my!

Job interviews, thesis defense and weekend training trip. I wont be recording again until March!

I’ll get one episode out before my Spring break (then I am gone again) and should be more regular after that!

Sorry about that!

In the next episode we are going to talk about the Earth again, this time as a element and what the associations are. Kai brought up a good point: you can think of the elements as states of matter: Solid (earth), liquid (water), gas (air), energy/plasma (fire and spirit)

I liked that so much I am going to start with that idea!

I think I am going to talk about fossils this next time (another organic living -> rock thing) and talk about the fossilization process, so fossils and petrified wood! as usual if you have any associates, or magical uses please let me know! If you want more in the metaphysical section you have to contribute! I’ve said many times that my path took a sharp right at earth science and I am just now pulling the metaphysical stuff back up and studying it again.

Also don’t forget the contest! I have tons of stuff so as soon as I can get rid of these, there are more. And I might give some rocks away next time if you like that more… I have some I am saving for when I talk about them… but there are a few more!

Blessed Be and Rock On! (new punny ending next time! 😉 )

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Episode 10: alluvial fans, coal, update and earth!

Listen to episode here
Episode 10 show notes:
Housekeeping: class send me a link to your blog
Geology 101: alluvial fans (6:18)
Book recommendation: The Control of Nature John McPhee
Other podcast recommendations:
Media Astra Ac Terra
Witches Brewhaha
Features rock: coal and hydrocarbons
Physical properties (16:10)
Metaphysical properties (15:38)
Music: Selig – Helium Vola (27:03)
Significant earthquakes (35:45)
Volcanic activity (36:15)
AVO activity report (40:45)
Elements earth: (42:30)
Contest winners (58:45)
New contest (59:10)
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Episode 10 contest details

For this contest answer the following questions:

– what is earth when you are no longer on earth?

– a list of associations for the element earth

you can also still answer how you define earth in an everyday sense vs. spiritual, and where energies in rocks come from.

I’ll update the end date when I have a better idea.

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