Borealis Meditation S02 E03

Show notes:

Listen to the show here

Segment 1: The current state of Kathleen’s religious beliefs subject to change at my time without notice.

Segment 2: Holidays! Can’t we all just get along?

Segment 3: Fluvial systems! The super short version

Meandering River 

Braided River

Segment 4: Control of Nature by John McPhee: wrapping up Atchafalaya and introducing cooling the lava

CONTEST to win one of these:

next episode discussion questions will be out, to enter answer them along with the following question:

– What famous hollywood moving has a scene based on the events from Cooling the Lava?
–  What is the name of the movie and what is the scene?


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Borealis Meditation S02E02

Season 2 Episode 2 – Sumatra M8.6 and some other stuff!

Listen to me here

Show Notes: Sorry everyone! I am coming down with a cold and was SUPER tired when I recorded! That aside I still hope you enjoy the show!
Sumatra Quake USGS page: Strike Slip Focal Mechanism
Normal Fault Focal Mechanism
Thrust Fault Focal Mechanism

NPR story page:

Say hi to Kate: @AnthroKate
Seismoscope from China:
Control of Nature on Amazon:
– Old River Control Structure:

Lat:  31° 4’35.86″N
Long:  91°35’51.70″W

– Before you read this section, did you have any thoughts or feelings about flood control systems and has that changed since you read this section? How about on the Mississippi?

– What are your feelings on the fact that we are keeping the Mississippi River in its current bed and not letting it migrate across the delta?

– What is the closest river or stream to where you live? Are there any man made modifications to it? How do you feel about it?

– What factors along the drainage and path of the Mississippi river have changed since the water flux for the Project Flood was calculated that add to the increase in flux of water through the lower Mississippi during high stands?

email: facebook: Shop: and

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Borealis Meditation Season 2 Episode 1

This is the first episode for Season 2 (the season of slightly organized chaos)
of the Borealis Meditation Podcast

Listen and download the episode here
or from the itunes feed

The Main topic of this episode was Sonification of Data
The first featured data set was the 2011 earthquake catalog of events over Magnitude 4.5

the audio segment I shared was from Feb 1 – April 15

Question 1) What can you hear about the change in world wide earthquakes after the Tohoku earthquake? What can you hear that might be hard to see in the data set if you were to pause the video on April 15th?

The next featured data set was star oscillations by the artist Jeff Talman. I played a segment of his piece Nature of the night sky (2011)

Please check out his website
Also check out the installations website
And the NPR interview
And please support this work by buying a CD from CD baby!

Here are the stars used and my brief descriptions.
KIC 7457184
KIC 2424822
KIC 6928997
KIC 8366239
KIC 6802438
KIC 11026764
KIC 9139151

Nu Indi – is a tight binary system. A blue-white +6.0 magnitude star is separated from a +6.1 magnitude yellowish-white star by only 0.1 seconds of arc.

Eta Bootis – a star in the conetallation Bootis and also has the traditional names of Muphrid and Saak

Procyon – brightest star in the constellation canis minor and is the seventh brightest star in the night sky

Mu Herculis – in the constellation Hercules and is in a system about 27.1 light years from earth

Beta Virginis – is a star in the constellation of virgo and has a traditional name of Zavihava and alaraph, it is the fifth star in order of brightness

49933 – a solar like star that is located about 98 light years from the sun in the constellation Monoceros the Unicorn

Alpha Centari B – brightest star in the constellation of Centaurus, it is a binary star system and only B was used in this recording

Tau Ceti – in the constellation Cetus and specrtally similar to the sun, centus is a sea monster in greek mythology and it is also often called the whale today

Borealis Meditation Book Club!
we are reading:
The Control of Nature by John McPhee (link to amazon but go to a local bookstore!)
Read Chapter 1 for next episode (end of March)

Kathleens random things:
– Egg seed starter
– runes
coconut bowls
and on etsy

Feedback requested:
Volcanoes and earthquakes you would like me to talk about
Regions where you live for geomorphology and rock hounding!

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Borealis Meditation Episode 15: volcano monitoring, amphibole, fire

Show notes
Listen to the episode here

Geolog 101: Volcano monitoring
Try your hand at predicting eruptions! Play my favorite game! Volcanic Disaster!

Volcano Seismology
some good info here


High frequency for VT

Long Period

Explosion signal


HVO inflation and deflation graphs

Mogi Model:

More here
and another here This is the deformation at Hawaii

Remote Sensing:
Thermal anomaly example
Ash example

ISS phone call: The image
article about it

Song: 30seconds to Mars

– Hornblend

– Cummingtonite

– Actenolite

– Glaucaohane

– Pragasite

– Tremolite

– Anthophyllite

See Forum Post here for Special Announcement!
Lunar Volcanics segment did you like it?


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Borealis Meditation Episode 13: volcanoes, volcanic eruptions, pumice and FIRE

Show notes:
Episode 13: Listen HERE
Geology 101: types of volcanoes and volcanic eruptions
Shield Volcano
Mauna Loa, Hawaii
Shishaldin, Aleutian Islands Alaska
Composite volcano
Okmok Caldera, Aleutian Islands, Alaska

Lava Flow
Fire Fountain
strombolian activity with small plume
strombolian activity with larger plume
painting of what the plume Pliny the Younger might have looked like
Photo of Mt Redoubt Eruption in 1989
Krakatoa Eruption 1883
Anuk Krakatau Vulcanian Eruption
Surtsey eruption 1963
Surtsey eruption again
W Mata Volcano Underwater Eruption Video 1/2
West Mata Volcano Underwater Eruption Video 2/2
volcano Gjálp, in Iceland in autumn 1996 eruptions from under Vatnajökull Iceland

Volcanic Explosivity Index (VEI)
VEI criteria
music: Volcano
Significant Earthquakes:
Magnitude 5.1 SPAIN May 11, 2011
Magnitude 5.8 WESTERN TURKEY May 19, 2011
Volcanic Activity, Smithsonian/USGS Weekly Volcanic Activity report

Feature Rock: Pumice
Featuring Cory: New World Witchery
Oriah The Sphinx: Media Astra Ac Terra
Velma: Witches Brewhaha
Elements: Fire
Podcast alley

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