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Borealis Meditation – S05E05 Gravel and Tea Cups: a Conversation with Althaea Sebastiani

Welcome to Season 5 Episode 5 for this episode I had a nice chat with my good friend Althaea Sebastiani! We talked about all sorts of things including gravel and tea cups. Althaea has a new book out that was just published! I recommend picking it up and following her online.

Althaea Sebastiani
New Book (Alive with Spirits)

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Borealis Meditation Podcast S02E04 The one about food, and interview, and new things to come!

Listen to the show here

Meat Week: NPR 

Freakonomics Radio: You eat what you are 1 and

Seafood Watch

Listen to my interview

Taoism argues that there is a natural order in the world that determines the behavior of all things in existence. Early Taoist thinkers believed in the “oneness” of things the unity of everything in the universe and hoped that by studying the world of nature they would discover essential laws.
This attention to the spirit of things particularly naturally occurring phenomena like water or wind lend Taoists into a systematic investigation that became the beginning of science in China. Later on Taoism operated on a more popular level the belief that inanimate objects had their own spirit or god gave rise to a system of warship designed to appease these power which was far removed from the early Taoist principles. 
– From Ancient cultures: Chinese gods and myths

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