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Borealis Meditation Super Giveaway December Edition – CLOSED

Dates: 12/1 – 12/27

Question: Google “citizen science” and your city/town or region and let me know if there are any projects in your area, and if any of them seem interesting. If not that is ok just say there aren’t any!

Comment with your answer or if you don’t feel comfortable for whatever reason email me with the subject line DECEMBER GIVEAWAY.

Last entry will be accepted on 12/27 winner announced within 1-2 days and you have until 1/5/14 to email me your address!


Lovers Moon Candle By Coventry Creations
Stay With Me Bath Salts By the Curio and Candle Shop
Items from PPSM 3 and 4! Make sure you check the vendors out and give them a review!
Shipping: I’ll ship it anywhere, just might take a while to get there…. 🙂
BONUS: All qualifying entries win a copy Mama Ocean by Kai Altair! (you must send me an email to redeem) 

Drawing type: Random Number from all qualifying answers!

Please refer to giveaway rules:
#1: answer question
#2: answer between dates given
#3: check back to claim your prize
#4: pay attention to restrictions on shipping
#5: no bitching (have fun!)
#6: open to everyone (see #4) so feel free to share
#7: Reviews are good, review if you care inclined.
(more details on the RULES post)

Fire Contest!

Contest for episode 12 and 13 FIRE
What you win: a piece of pumice I collected on Montserrat!

What does the word fire mean to you?
What images dose the word fire bring up? Does it matter what mind set you are in?
what stones do you associate with fire?
What else do you associate with fire?
How do you experience the element of fire?

These questions are good for the next two episodes, we are talking about fire so any comments, questions let me know. We are going to talk about volcanoes so if you have any specific questions about specific volcanoes or eruptions let me know!

Email me answers or comment on this post!

Episode 10 contest details

For this contest answer the following questions:

– what is earth when you are no longer on earth?

– a list of associations for the element earth

you can also still answer how you define earth in an everyday sense vs. spiritual, and where energies in rocks come from.

I’ll update the end date when I have a better idea.

Episode 9 contest

In episode 9 I announced a contest to win one of 2 pieces of gypsum (the feature mineral) that I brought back with me from Montserrat!

Here are the details:

How to enter: There are two questions answer one or both, an answer to 1 gets you 1 change an answer to both gets you 2 chances! email answers to me as text or mp3 (if you like)


The Questions
1: Where do the energies in rocks come from?

Is it the chemical composition and structure (how the elements are bonded together)? The crystal habit (the shape it grows into) so different chemically the same crystals of the same mineral can have different energies depending on how they individually grew, the pressure temperature conditions if formed under… the color!? What is it? Or what combination, or is it something we can’t define and have to experience and therefore should only take associations guidelines and feel free to interpret at will? In that case is there no set associations and every mineral and crystal should be taken on an individual basis?

2: What does the word “earth” mean to you in different mind sets?

When you are in a magickal mindset does the word earth mean something different then when you are not? what images come to mind when you hear that word? feelings? smells? tastes? does this change depending on where you hear the word? what are some of the other images or feelings you associate with the word in other situations?

I really want you to think about the second one because that is going to be the bases for the next elements segment!

Let me know if its ok to use your name and how to say it!

Good Luck!

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