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Trying to find the Quartz

Why am I trying to find my quartz?

I shared this on a Discord server I am on and wanted to share with you. Pebbles like the ones on the left have a distinctive white line running through them. These veins are formed when cracks on the host rock are filled with fluids that deposit minerals into these cracks. This deposition over time builds up into the veins we see now.

See these cracks once they become veins have been strengthened. Sometimes they are more resistant to weather than the rest of the rock entirely and when you run your fingers over them you can feel that they are raised. The host rock breaks on different weaknesses and is rolled and tumbled by water into what we see.

What was once a weakness, a crack, has become a strength. It is the deposition of the quartz that turns that crack into a strong vein.

I have been feeling riddled with cracks lately. Honestly, I am trying my best to just get to the end of 2021. I know to survive long term I need to find a way to turn some of these cracks into veins and not breaking points. So I am trying to find that thing that will help me out of this hole I am in. I am trying to find the quartz I can fill the cracks with.

We can find profound messages from even the most humble pebble we find on the beach, or even in the gravel used in landscaping. We just have to think about its past. You don’t need fancy crystals to solve your problems. In fact they won’t. You solve your problems and you can use the most basic simple tools around you, or the most elaborate and expensive. It is up to you. I for one will simply keep a pebble with a quartz vein in my pocket as daily inspiration.



  1. Thesseli

    I have loved pebbles like this since I was a kid, but I never thought about them this way until now. Thank you for this post; I’ve been having a rough time lately, and I really needed it.

  2. Chris H

    Ok well I never gave this much thought. But the cracks do make the rocks more attractive.
    And the comparison you make here is fitting fore many of us right now I think.

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