Like the title says…. work/life can be hard…. work/life/path can feel impossible some days.

Some times it can be hard to see how to fit everything in, plan for a holiday when you won’t have the day off, or celebrate a moon when you just want to pass out. I think I can say we have all been there, looking longingly at the stack of reading we want to devote real time to, and then back at all the chores, like that pile of dishes and laundry. Sometimes I want to quit and run away to the woods. But I do love my job, so that isn’t going to happen. I think transitions are especially hard on spiritual studies. When you move, you have a new space to get used to, new local spirits to get to know, and if it is long distance, a new change of the seasons to adjust to. When you change jobs you have a new routine to get used to. A wise person told me to give myself 6 months to really adjust to my move since it was a big one. I’m half way through, still trying to figure it out.

And with that, I’m off again!

Take care!