The Gaia Update for September 4 2014

The Gaia Update is a (almost) weekly short news podcast on what the earth has been up to. It focuses on the three big natural disaster types: Earthquakes, Volcanoes and Tsunamis, but also highlights other geology and earth science related news and research.

Information is from the following resources:


The USGS Earthquakes Page


Smithsonian Weekly Volcano Activity Report

Highlights for this week are…


Video showing the eruptive activity in Iceland! Beautiful illustration of what is going on!


News story about the affects the eruption is having on the local population

Video of that first large eruption


footage from an overflight




Map of the most recent lava flow activity as of September 3, 2014



Photo from the overflight showing the farthest extent of the flow on September 4, 2014 relative to the closest residential area.


Music by Wendy Rule was Creator Destroyer

more information about the Witches High Tea can be found on THIS WEBSITE


Listen to the episode:


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