I’m a beginner again. I have a love hate relationship with starting new things. I love when I get to that point where I feel like I have a handle on it, but I HATE being a beginner. I am a beginner again because after years of my practice being mostly spiritual I am getting some “formal” training in hoodoo and rootwork. It feels very different from how I have always practiced. I am a big fan of spiritual work on the inside and mundane sweat and tears doing. Want a new job? Get your head in the right space, and work that network and revise that CV 50 times and carefully tailor it for each place you send it. I usually rely on only minor magikal umph and have a “do it myself” attitude. Never hurts to learn the big guns though!

The question came up “what do you want to learn to do?” and this was surprisingly hard to answer. Like I said I don’t do a whole lot of work for myself and I almost never do workings for other people. I had no idea! I have a job I love, and I have an amazing husband and isn’t that #1 and #2? Love and Money!? It was a hard year for my family but we pulled through, and even though it was rough it wasn’t bad, just emotionally tiring.

I still haven’t answered the question though. Blessings, and cleansing and protections are always good to have in your quiver, but beyond that I am almost stumped! I try to never work out of anger (see post on negativity), so I wouldn’t even want to tempt my dark side by learning that stuff. So I find myself asking “would I do work for others?” and I guess the answer is “yes” I like helping people. The workings I have done in the past were a more abstract variety and that is the polar opposite of Hoodoo so I guess my ideas about when and for whom to do workings should also change.

So here I am thinking about my friends who are struggling in academia (because it sucks to be early career right now) and what sort of “umph” they could use. Networking is insanely important so honey jars is an obvious start when someone is applying for a job, as well as stopping gossip. Clear thinking for research and a good memory as well. Maybe even a little third eye umph into the workings of the earth. Relaxing is also key, stress can be a mind killer. Maybe even road-opening since a lot of friends found jobs in places they never thought to look. Also money draw would be useful to get funding secured.

For now I have homework to do before I move onto the next thing. This is a totally new and exciting journey!