I have a phrase that is one I try to live by: give more than you take. I try to align my life to this principle, and see it as a personal challenge.

This idea permeates even my practice on my “crazy path” as I like to call it. I started a daily practice a while back. I don’t ask I just thank, everyday. I have been saving the wax from the tea light candles I light and last night my jar was full enough to melt down.

Left over bits of the tea lights. I need to make something with them…. 
The bits of wax left after the candles have burned down. 
Jar of wax

This jar of wax I have been slowly filling, day after day. Last night I realized I had a few days of candles to put in, and not enough room. So I melted the wax to make more room.

Beautiful red melted wax! 
The red wax is from my big candle I use mostly on the weekends. It needed to be trimmed to keep burning. The white wax was from all those tea lights. 
The purpose of this large candle is this: when I do need to ask for something I would like it to be on the back of those many days of thanks. All the energy I have given in thanks should be much more than what I ask for.

My candle of thanks is a reminder to give more than I take, and thank more than I ask. 
There is still plenty of room for more wax!
Do you do something similar? What is something or some principle that you strive for?