Borealis Meditation Podcast – Season 2 Episode 6 – Islands Show Notes! 

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Before we get to the show notes I wanted to take a minute to show off my NEW LOGO!
I also wanted to thank Fire Lyte of Inciting a Riot Podcast fame for some font help! 😉
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Ok enough marveling at the new logo, and onto the notes!

Music in this episode (in order played):

The Landing by Tuatha Dea’s self titled album
Ailein Duinin by Tuatha Dea’s self titled album
Tonight by Tuatha Dea from their album Kith Kin
Visualization background: Into the Sea by 1000ps from their album Heavy Water
Intro excerpt: David Miles Huber – Oceanis
Outro excerpt : Science for Girls – Northern Lights

Tuatha Dea’s Kickstarter

Promo: Lamplighter Blues

Supplemental Material Islands

Figure 1: largest islands that are not continents

Figure: Hawaiian islands with bathymetry

Page on the formation of the Hawaiian Islands from UH 

Figure 3: Pillow Lava

Figure 4: Pile of pillow lavas.

Video of a lava flow under water, forming pillow lavas
Video of an undersea eruption with a little more umph. 

Figure 5: Aleutian Arc

Figure 6: Marianas Arc

Visualization – Sea Level Change

Figure 7: Sandbox example

Maui Nui (from Wikipedia) animation

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