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Next episode: Islands

I am planning my next episode. It is going to be on islands but I need YOUR input!

The topic is….. how does an island go from this:

to this

to this

and finally to this

before slipping under the waves forever?

So here is how you can help. Islands…. their life and death. Do you have any questions? experiences? Legends or myths you love about islands? When I say the world “Islands” what comes to mind and what do you want to know!?

Please email me borealis(dot)meditation(at)gmail(dot)com or leave a comment! I would love to get more feed back to put into this show!

Thank you!




  1. Anonymous

    Geologically, I don't even know where to begin on asking about islands. What makes one island live and another die? What intriques me most about islands on the whole, though, is their symbolism. Not being around islands much, I tend to think of them as distant things, but their symbolic value when using them in metaphor or parable is powerful. Exploring ideas about isolation and being self-contained come easily when one thinks of islands. Do you have any thought on that? How does your understanding of the geology of them and just how alive these pieces of land are change your perception of islands as a metaphor (when compared to the average person who might see them as far more static)?

  2. Kathleen

    awesome! Excellent questions! 🙂

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