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Borealis Meditation S02 E03

Show notes:

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Segment 1: The current state of Kathleen’s religious beliefs subject to change at my time without notice.

Segment 2: Holidays! Can’t we all just get along?

Segment 3: Fluvial systems! The super short version

Meandering River 

Braided River

Segment 4: Control of Nature by John McPhee: wrapping up Atchafalaya and introducing cooling the lava

CONTEST to win one of these:

next episode discussion questions will be out, to enter answer them along with the following question:

– What famous hollywood moving has a scene based on the events from Cooling the Lava?
–  What is the name of the movie and what is the scene?




  1. Ashlethas

    Thanks for another lovely podcast.

    I thought that your views on associations coming from the human mind rather than any inherent property in the rocks/crystals/objects themselves is a very logical one. One could even make the conjecture that the reason certain apparently unrelated people consider the same object to have the same mystical property is actually caused not by the rock itself but by the fact that there are many patterns of human thought that repeat themselves throughout humanity with various natural, social and psychological causes. Plus, there is a popular saying in certain circles of heterodox ceremonial magicians that “if it works, it works” no one can tell you x is better than y for your spell if y just plain works for you and x gets you no results. That's not to say that people should disregard associations altogether and just use any stone for any occasion, I've read that maintaining personal associations can help improve results. i.e. it doesn't matter what anyone else says but if YOU think this stone is good for this purpose, changing its purpose all the time could dull the effect that YOU get out of it. Anyways, I don't think you are off the wall with this idea at all.

    I agree regarding holidays. Finding common ground with one's loved ones and enjoying holidays in spite of differences is the way to go. It can be difficult if the other party doesn't feel the same way, but it's definitely a good thing to aim for.

    I enjoyed your talk about rivers–I mean–fluvial systems 😉 Your excitement about the workings and changes taking place on our planet is downright contagious! I also like how you compared the changing of the Earth to the changing of a person's spiritual beliefs.

    Cheers. 🙂

  2. Kathleen

    Thank you so much! You just made my day! 🙂 I am glad you don't think I am crazy, thats always a good thing to hear! 🙂


  3. Ashlethas

    Glad to make your day. 🙂 I think your podcast is really cool! As someone who spent their college years firmly planted in the humanities/social sciences, it's fun for me to foray into the world of the physical sciences every now and again, and your podcast is just perfect for that. Plus, Geology 101 was my favorite science class (the one I actually remember something from 😉 ) so occasionally during your podcast I'll be like “Oh yeah!!” when you mention something I learned. That's why I'm excited about the volcano podcast next, I remember the volcano lesson rather well and am excited to hear you speak about it.

    Also, I really appreciated that you included the river photos in this one, I'd love it if you included some volcano photos to illustrate the volcano podcast too. I listen better when I have something to look at.

    I also thought this episode was fun because it was a mix of paganism and geology. I like hearing you speak on pagan subjects/your personal journey as well as of course your talks on scientific matters. (Probably because I can go on and on in comments about pagan subjects, too shy to comment on the science, other than “it's cool!!” 😉 ) But, your podcast is great either way! 🙂

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