Season 2 Episode 2 – Sumatra M8.6 and some other stuff!

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Show Notes: Sorry everyone! I am coming down with a cold and was SUPER tired when I recorded! That aside I still hope you enjoy the show!
Sumatra Quake USGS page: Strike Slip Focal Mechanism
Normal Fault Focal Mechanism
Thrust Fault Focal Mechanism

NPR story page:

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Seismoscope from China:
Control of Nature on Amazon:
– Old River Control Structure:

Lat:  31° 4’35.86″N
Long:  91°35’51.70″W

– Before you read this section, did you have any thoughts or feelings about flood control systems and has that changed since you read this section? How about on the Mississippi?

– What are your feelings on the fact that we are keeping the Mississippi River in its current bed and not letting it migrate across the delta?

– What is the closest river or stream to where you live? Are there any man made modifications to it? How do you feel about it?

– What factors along the drainage and path of the Mississippi river have changed since the water flux for the Project Flood was calculated that add to the increase in flux of water through the lower Mississippi during high stands?

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